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00:13:02 - History of Childhood & Family Dynamics

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Partial Transcript: My family is great. When I came out, it took them a minute to sort of get there. But I don't think that that was malice. I think it was just a little bit of ignorance and showing caring in the wrong way. There was definitely a time where I thought it was malice. My mom's a pharmacist. She is great. She was the one who helped me with my homework when I was younger. A lot of times, my dad's a science teacher. He helped me with my homework until I got to high school math. But he always, like when I was little, he came into my classrooms and did some science experiments with my class. And it was a good time. So they raised me to be very analytical and very STEM minded, which has been interesting.

Segment Synopsis: Dov talks about how they grew up and their relationship with their parents and sister.

Keywords: Academic performance; Childhood; Family; Siblings; UNC Asheville

00:18:37 - Experiences at UNC Asheville

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:

Greensboro, okay. And why did you come to Asheville?


Financial was a bit of it. Queer community is a bit of it. That's where I got in is a bit of it. They have Hillel, they were cheap enough that my parents gave me a budget and I didn't have to take out any loans, which was wonderful. Yeah, it was a lot of combinations of things. I did an overnight here. I ended up narrowing down to ironically here and a women's college in Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Dov talks about why they moved to UNC Asheville, and their experiences there as a trans Jewish person.

Keywords: Academic Performance; Anti-Semitism; College; Greensboro, NC; Judaism; UNC Asheville

00:35:15 - The Intersection of Judaism and Trans Identity

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Partial Transcript: For example, even something as small as like a bar or bat mitzvah. When I was 13, I had a bat mitzvah. I don't know how to phrase that anymore. I could call it a b'nai mitzvah, which would be what I would prefer to call it. But that's not what it was. So there are little things where it's just like you don't fit in very well. And then Jewish is such a small intersection of, that's not the right word. I don't remember what the right word is. It's such a small group of the population that, and then trans is also a small group of the population. Which who knows the actual numbers, but that's beside the point. So the intersection between the two of them is even smaller, that a lot of times it's very rare that I am not the only trans Jew in the room.

Segment Synopsis: Dov talks about the intersection of their identities as a Jewish person and a transgender person.

Keywords: Anti-Semitism; Bat/Bar/B'nai Mitzvah; College; Jewish Community; Judaism

00:50:08 - Adult Life

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Partial Transcript: I mean, kids are great. Kids have so much, what's the word? Part of it is that they don't let anything stop them. Like you know what, I had a kid in a wheelchair who had broken her foot. She's not permanently in a wheelchair, but she had broken her foot and they couldn't give her crutches because she's seven. She's eight. I don't know. She's young. So they gave her a wheelchair and a cast. And you know what? It did not matter that you had a wheelchair and a cast on her foot. If she wanted to go to that side of the room, she would hop up out of the chair and run over there.

Segment Synopsis: Dov talks about their adult life, including their job at the Jewish Community Center and seeking healthcare.

Keywords: Jewish Community Center; Mental Health; Youth

01:00:16 - Mental Health & Depression

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Partial Transcript: But yeah, I think that a lot of things were not stigmatized. But not not stigmatized when I was growing up. And I think that if I had been, if it hadn't been something that just hadn't been talked about, sometimes people need some help with their mental state. And being sad all the time isn't normal. That it might've been a positive thing. It only became something that was really talked about when I was like, "Hey, I have depression." Two years later I came out as trans. My mom was worried that I would kill myself, and then it became a thing that we talked about.

Segment Synopsis: Dov talks about their mental health journey.

Keywords: Depression; Mental Health; Suicide

01:13:02 - A Coming Out Experience

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:

So you came out on Skype?


Yeah, well I was here. I just sort of like, I wrote down a thing. I typed it up and I read it, and then I called them. And then they were chill, but not quite that nicely. They proceeded to mis-gender me the whole rest of the call. So they've come a long way. My parents are great. They're trying their best. I'm aware that my dad had little to no experience with trans people. My mom, or even queer people for awhile. My mom is one of those people that every time you talk to her, you find out something else about her past and it's fascinating. And it's like you play three instruments and speak two languages? What the heck mother, why didn't I know this before? But my mom had a couple of friends that died in the '80's from AIDS. So she's got a different perspective of things.

Segment Synopsis: Dov relays the experience of coming out to their parents and gives advice to parents who may experience the same thing,

Keywords: Acceptance; Children; Coming out