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00:00:00 - Introduction & Family History

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land: All right well my name is Beaulah Land on stage, off stage I go by Bergan
Mackie, that is my legal name. My mother gave me that name after my great great
great grandfather Logan Bergan Mackie. I was born on October 10th, 1997, I'm 22
years old, I'm a baby. But what else?

Segment Synopsis: Beulah introduces herself and discusses her family.

Keywords: French Broad River Valley; Mars Hill, North Carolina; Mission Hospital; October 10, 1997

00:04:13 - Understanding and Learning about Queerness in the Classroom

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land: And a lot of people were getting really mad on my behalf because I was the only
queer student in that class. And I was like listen they have their own opinion
and that's okay, I disagree with it but this is America and we're all entitled
to our own opinions. I believe that I should be able to do whatever I want as
long as it doesn't bring harm to somebody else or put somebody's needs beneath
mine. And I don't, still to this day, I don't see how calling a civil union
between two people a marriage, even if they're not one man and one woman, I
don't see how that infringes on anyone's rights. And it was just really
interesting to see the dynamic between a lot of my friends who were very
supportive of me who wanted me to get mad and riled up and say this is this and
you're stupid.

Segment Synopsis: Beulah discusses her experience with learning about gay rights and the LGBTQIA+ community in a rural North Carolina public school.

Keywords: 1969; Christian values; Stonewall; queer identity; same sex marriage

00:12:04 - The Firsts: Coming Out and Relationships

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Yeah the good stuff. So I came out, oh gosh I don't remember the year, it was in
the early 2010's, I had known for a while, I had known since about 7th grade, I
grew up in a southern missionary baptist community where it's very taboo, we
didn't talk about it until we talked about the sanctity of marriage and all of
the jazz. And so I spent a lot of time in self doubt and self deprecation and
hating myself and wondering why God would do this to me, you know the whole
schpiel that we always here and so-
I grew up in a religious community too.
Beaulah Land:
So I came out to my youth pastor and then my youth pastor convinced me to come
out to my mother and I mean looking back in retrospect, I mean it wasn't
supportive in the sense of affirming for identity or for sexuality and all the jazz.

Segment Synopsis: Beulah tells her story of coming out, the church's reaction, and her first kiss.

Keywords: coming out; conversion camp; homophobia

00:21:25 - Finding Her Community

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Yes, and you can love someone, I firmly believe, and not accept every single
part of them. At least on some plane I find it difficult to accept that my
family doesn't accept me and so it makes me hard to accept them, and so one day
I hope to be able to bring someone home or to be my authentic self and have a
nice family dinner because I love family, that's a very strong ideal that I have
in my life, which is why I cling to my drag family so much. And community as
well, your chosen family. I think that that's really important and so I don't
fault them for being a product of their culture and their gene

Segment Synopsis: In this segment, Beulah talks about her community after coming out.

Keywords: ally; chosen family

00:27:28 - Drag Lingo

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Mm-hmm (affirmative) right. Yeah, I remember, oh gosh, I remember a lot of
people say that drag means this or drag means that or this is where the word
came from, but I still have not been convinced of a 100 percent this is where
the word drag came from.
As though there's a single origin right?
Beaulah Land:
Exactly. I've heard that drag comes from dressed, D-R as a girl G, so drag. I
don't know I feel like that's a little bit of a stretch personally.

Segment Synopsis: Here, Beaulah defines some drag-specific terms.

Keywords: Paris is Burning; depression beard; drag lingo; queer lingo; underground nightclub lingo

00:31:16 - Identity of Beaulah Land On and Off Stage

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Okay, okay. Yeah we'll get into it. So Beaulah Land, Beaulah is an old Puritan
name that has its basis in scripture, I forget which verse it is I want to say
it's Psalm but don't quote me on that. Beaulah, the scripture roughly reads as
referring to the second coming of Christ as the land shall no longer be called
Hepzibah which is old Jewish word for barren or unfruitful but shall be called
Beaulah and so it's sort of talking about how the earth will be married to
Christ or the church will be married to Christ and shall bring forth fruit so to
speak. And that verse inspired a hymn which is called Beaulah Land and it's
beautiful hymn and it was one of my favorites growing up, I remember hearing it
when I was little.

Segment Synopsis: Beulah discusses her name and identity.

Keywords: Bardo Arts Center; Beulah Land; Christian hymns

00:40:25 - Religion in Queer Community

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Right, right, I know I totally understand. You have these old ancient practices
of paganism, rituals, potions, rights, different stuff like that. And when they
came to America would incorporate it into their Christian practices and so my
relationship with God has been really helpful for me and it was really difficult
at first for me to distinguish between the hate that was coming from the certain
members of the community and God and finally I realized I do have a loving
relationship with God it's just I think these people might be mistaken or
misunderstood or they're trying something that isn't working and they don't
understand that it's not working. And they're trying to be loving and affirming
but it's not a place of stupidity and I don't like when people say that other
people are stupid it's just ignorance and you know what I'm ignorant about a lot
of things and I'll be the first to admit to that. I don't like to admit to that but.

Segment Synopsis: Beulah discusses her personal relationship with religion, as well as the relationship much of the queer community has with religion.

Keywords: European immigration; Paganism; Southern Appalachia; granny witch

00:48:33 - The First Performance

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Partial Transcript: Wray:
Had you dressed female before that?
Beaulah Land:
No, never. Well when I was really little, really little, this was sort of a
warning sign that I was a woman all along, but I would take my brother's
oversized T-shirts and I would shimmie them down as a skirt, and then I would
take another one and make it like a dress and then I would take a third one, put
it around my head and it would be long hair.

Segment Synopsis: Here, Beulah describes her history of always being a woman, telling listeners about her childhood habits all the way to her first performance.

Keywords: Rue Paul's Drag Race; Western Carolina University

00:52:40 - First Drag Memory and Drag Makeup

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
The first time I intentionally dressed in drag was October, oh dearie it was
right around my birthday, I want to say it was October 9th, 2017 because that's
the day before my birthday. I dressed in long black and white striped stockings,
a black tutu, and some ridiculous black shirt and I had the ugliest makeup and
I'm so thankful for my friends that helped me with my makeup but we know that it
was bad. Do you want to see a photo?
Yeah and I want to talk about makeup, who taught you how to do makeup?
Beaulah Land:
YouTube mostly. I learned a lot of a makeup from my drag mom and sister.

Segment Synopsis: Here, Beaulah tells of how she learned to do makeup, discusses her drag mom and family, and the first time she dressed in drag.

Keywords: Audrey Hepburn; Drag makeup; Elizabeth Evans; Greta Garbo; Ida Carolina; Julie Andrews; O'Henry's; Party Foul; drag family

01:01:06 - Drag Family Explained

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Okay, so this story took about nine months, but we're going to keep it real
short because the details are rather boring and kind of sad on my part. So,
everyone who was at that show who knew Ida, kept bugging her to adopt me because
my other friends were getting adopted by other queens and so I honestly-
So you wait for somebody to come to you?

Segment Synopsis: Here, Beaulah explains how she got her drag mom, as well as the dynamics of drag family.

Keywords: Dina Loneliness; Elizabeth Evans; Ida; Kristina Risleras; Party Foul; Rift Tina; Silver Cox; University of Alabama Huntsville

01:07:01 - Holly Boswell

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Partial Transcript: Wray:
Absolutely so Holly Boswell started Phoenix Transgender project which was-
Beaulah Land:
I've heard of Phoenix, yes.
Okay so that was the second transgender support group in the country and the
first one came out of San Francisco.
Beaulah Land:
And so they met in Hot Springs and started doing-
Beaulah Land:
That's where I'm from. Well kind of.

Segment Synopsis: Here, the interviewer tells Beaulah about Holly Boswell, a pioneer of trans activism.

Keywords: Holly Boswell; Kindred Spirits; nonbinary; trans activism; transgender; transgender activism

01:08:43 - Defining Drag

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
That is a very big question. For me personally, drag was a way for me to come to
terms with my gender identity and to find my own little niche in the world. I
love to incorporate deeper meanings and political commentary, I'm really
passionate about registering people to vote and getting out the vote, we all
have the right to vote but not everybody has the ability or the access to vote.
And so I voter registration forms, I am a former board of elections employee and
did a song, it was Dina Washington's Let's Fall In Love but I cut love and said
let's register to vote. And so I had a whole song about registering to vote and
I like to do stuff like that and community work that propels our community into
the future.

Segment Synopsis: Beaulah explains how drag is political for her, and inspires her to propel both her community and self.

Keywords: Asheville, North Carolina; Get Out the Vote; Marsha B. Johnson; New York City; Nina West; Silvia Rivera; Western Carolina University

01:15:01 - Activism in Western North Carolina and at Western Carolina University

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Do you really? I made my own bagels. Oh sourdough's so good. But yeah so when
they take you cat card, when you swipe it, they'll look at the name and that's
how they'll type it in. And so they'll call out a person's dead name and that
can be really triggering to somebody. And not to over use the word triggering
but you know it can put you in a bad place.
It's a really easy thing to fix.

Segment Synopsis: Beaulah discusses activism she and others have done at WCU and across Western North Carolina.

Keywords: Alexis Brody; Sexuality and Gender Alliance; WCU SAGA; Western North Carolina; dead name; name changes

01:18:58 - Names

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
Kind of strange yeah. But yeah the tidbit, the little hack, if you're trying to
figure out what name you want to try, go to Starbucks and give the new name to
the person and have them call it out and if it feels right then you know.
Oh well see that's even more interesting now that that is what they're marketing.
Beaulah Land:
Or at least that's something that I heard, I had a conversation with my friend
and they were like yeah if you like a name that you want to use, give it to the
person at Starbucks and see if it fits.

Segment Synopsis: Beaulah discusses her birth name and the concept of changing names as a trans woman.

Keywords: Starbucks; dead name; dead names; transgender

01:20:07 - Race, Gender, and Drag

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Partial Transcript: Oh gosh okay, disclaimer, I am very, very white and I don't want to be preachy
or I don't want to stick my nose where it doesn't belong but at the same time
this is something that I'm really passionate about. Recently we had a queen who
was Latinex use the N word in her mix, her entire mix was themed around this and
not to bad mouth anyone, I don't think that it was in very good taste. I think
as entertainers and as pillars in the queer community I think we need to be
standing up for certain issues and sort of a basic rule of thumb I found that
works for me in my experiences is if you have been called a word then you can
use it. If you have been seriously called that word as a slur, if it's a slur,
if you have seriously been called that, then you can use it. And you have the
license to use it. I am not going to police what somebody else does and does not
say, I simply want everyone to feel comfortable, I'm a libra after all.

Segment Synopsis: Here, Beaulah discusses the role of cis people in LGBTQIA+ spaces, as well as racism that can happen within the trans community. Additionally, Beaulah discusses a lack of diversity in WNC.

Keywords: diversity; hate speech; heteronormativity; racism; safe spaces; white Asheville

01:28:19 - Self Care and Mental Health

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Partial Transcript: Beaulah Land:
The God's honest truth I perform for myself, I mean I want people to be inspired
or to have fun or to laugh or cry, or feel some type of way about my performance
but at the end of the day I want to feel pretty and I want to feel like my
gender identity is affirmed and I want people to laugh with me. At the very end
of the day Beaulah is for me and that's been something, it's really difficult as
somebody who struggles with self esteem issues and confidence issues, it's
really difficult for me to take time for myself and to value my time and my
energy. And so Beaulah has been super transformative for me.

Segment Synopsis: Beaulah discusses her struggles with mental health, performing, and the validation of telling her own story.

Keywords: catharsis; season affective disorder