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00:01:21 - Description of Self

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Partial Transcript: I like to describe myself as outgoing, sassy, a little extra. Smart, mature, I'm pretty sure there's more things.

Segment Synopsis: Hector describes how he would describe himself and the value of honesty.

Keywords: Self-Discovery

00:02:52 - Story Beginnings

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Partial Transcript: When I came out, all of my friends were very supportive. I have a lot of people that have my back that are very, very supportive. So I honestly, I feel like there are, but they don't say anything. Or nobody says anything about it. I feel like I can, I know I would be like looked at or anything.

Segment Synopsis: Hector describes growing up gay, Latino, and in Hendersonville. He discusses his future plans and supportive friends.

Keywords: Childhood; Coming Out; Coming of Age; Early Experiences; LGBTQ Friendships; LatinX; Mental Health; Parents & Family; Sexual Identity

00:15:20 - Changes in Hendersonville

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Partial Transcript: "But yeah, I was like so, so excited. My friends and I went. There were drag queens. Like actual like Hendersonville drag queens. That some of them perform in Asheville, but well no, I think it was just like a few of them. Maybe just one of them actually. But I honestly wasn't expecting her to be there, but it was good seeing like little kids in Hendersonville seeing a drag queen. Or seeing a man in heels."

Segment Synopsis: Hector shares his experience and integral part in Hendersonville's first pride festival. He talks about a good community, wearing heels for the first time in public, and making a cake to represent the whole LGBTQ+ community. He speaks how he sees things changing/not changing in his community

Keywords: LGBTQ Community; LGBTQ Events; Looking Ahead; Pride Festivals

00:27:35 - Experience being both part of the Latino community and gay

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Partial Transcript: "So I mean it sucks that it's that way, but I have had friends tell me yeah, they like you and everything, but if I was like you they would probably be flipped out and everything like so like as long as like I don't feel like I am, I guess in a way, getting mistreated or like getting talked down, then I'll be okay."

Segment Synopsis: Hector speaks to his experience in the Latino community and being gay. He talks to being people being very accepting to him but identifying that they wouldn't do the same for their own child. He talks about gender expectations and stereotypes.

Keywords: LGBTQ BIPOC; LatinX; On Being Gay; Stigma

00:31:01 - Favorite memory growing up during LGBTQ journey

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Segment Synopsis: Hector shares his first time experiencing drag queens at 18 and then doing drag for the first time. Drag as art and fashion opened his mind. He also talks about the bar in Asheville called Scandals. Hector identified that Scandals should be more diverse, and should have more people of color, specifically Latinos, as well as have more drag queens of color.

Keywords: Bar Culture; DRAG; Finding Community; LGBTQ BIPOC; LGBTQ Gathering Spaces; LGBTQ Spaces; LatinX

00:40:30 - Coming out to family

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Partial Transcript: "But other than that, everybody else was accepting. One day I feel like I didn't have to actually say I was gay. Like now I say I am gay, but back then like when I first came out as bisexual, everybody was okay with it. Like my friend group and everybody."

Segment Synopsis: Hector shares his experience coming out to his parents and friends. He discusses the choice to first come out as bisexual, but later coming out as gay. He also shares the relationship he has with parents and friends, after coming out.

Keywords: Coming Out; Family; Family Dynamics; On Being Gay; Parents & Family

00:46:06 - Mental Health (CW: Disordered Eating, Self-Harm, Suicide, Sexual and Physical Abuse)

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Partial Transcript: " It definitely helps speaking out. So I recommend that for anybody who's dealing with stuff just to speak up. Say what they're feeling and everything. Because honestly like I feel like that's why I can't be quiet anymore. Because I finally said everything I needed to say."

Segment Synopsis: In this particularly vulnerable section of the interview, Hector shares about his history with disordered eating, suicide attempts, self harm, and depression. He speaks to being sexually and physically abused by a family member as a child, as well as being bullied in middle school. He shares about what it felt like to finally open up about everything he kept inside, the journey to be able to do that, and his mental health journey and healing process.

Keywords: Bullying; Depression; Family Dynamics; Inner Struggles; Mental Health; Mental Health & Depression

01:04:01 - En Español

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Partial Transcript: "Las tradiciones. You know like las quincenearas and like los tamales. Like those cosas festivales. That's what you asked, right?"

Segment Synopsis: Hector and the Interviewer have a conversation in Spanish. He speaks about Mexican culture and food. Spanish translation needs lots of work!

Keywords: Family; LatinX