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00:00:56 - Representation in the Media

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Partial Transcript: Nothing against the straight folk, but you see a lot of it, nothing but movies and romance, the same old story. It's nice to watch something that's not the same old story, something that's more to the audience. Still all fantasy. It's still exaggerated to a point, and it'd be nice to see something that was more geared towards something realistic.

Segment Synopsis: Kari talks about her opinions on LGBT representation in the media, like in television shows.

Keywords: Media; Representation; Will and Grace

00:11:29 - Experiences with Homophobia

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Partial Transcript: No, I've never had any homophobia. I really think my dad, beginning, starting out, maybe just cause he didn't know when I actually came out. He talked about it since I was little, but when I actually came out I don't think he knew what to do, so we made a lot of gay jokes to be comfortable with himself. I think people would just do some weird things to be comfortable with it that you're around. Maybe they're just nervous or don't know how to act around you. It's like act normal, you know? I mean if that counts as homophobia then for sure.

Segment Synopsis: Kari talks about her experiences with homophobia and how politics affects LGBT people.

Keywords: Acceptance; Homophobia; Politics

00:21:21 - Coming Out

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Partial Transcript: I got to finish what I'm eating. These other people don't know the situation. Anybody could say that, "It's easy, just say it." No, it's not that easy. Whether it's a personal or internal struggle you've been dealing with or you're worried about a family member, you're worried about a relationship, you're worried about a child, a spouse or something. It's not that easy. I've watched recently, a family trying to get torn apart by that. Not really torn apart, but I don't want to say names. I would prefer not to, but I don't think anybody should be forced to have to say it.

Segment Synopsis: Kari and Ashely talk about coming out and the safest ways to do so.

Keywords: Coming Out; Community; Faking It

00:28:43 - LGBT Activism

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Partial Transcript: I mean I kind of feel like a bad gay, because I'm not more active in the community. I will probably paraphrase and quote somebody that I heard last week say, "I will never not be myself or be who I am, but I also don't feel like I have to raise ..." How did she say? "I feel like I don't have to be out there with flags and bullhorns and standing on the front line, but I will support that." If there's any other way that I can do it, I'll do it. Even if it's starting out, just talking to youth or letting the youth know nonchalantly like, "Yo, I'm here. You want to talk to me, I'm here." That's how I'm active. I don't write banners, I don't wave flags. I'm here. If anybody ever needs to talk about anything I'm here. You want to hang out, you want to get something off your chest, you want to talk about girls are hot? Let's talk.

Segment Synopsis: Kari and Ashley talk about activism, how they don't feel compelled to participate, and the normalization of LGBT identities.

Keywords: Activism; Community; Identity