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00:00:00 - The Monastic Experience & Kindred Souls

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Partial Transcript: A lot of the people that I have discovered over the years in monastic lifestyles are transgender because they don't require to have that outside relationship and that they are able to physically give themselves that gratification by being in love with their alter ego or the part of themselves that represents that is female against male within their relationship and participating in some form of non binary behavior helps them pull back and become that monastic lifestyle. And I'm not saying everybody that's in the monastic lifestyle is queer, but there's pretty good high proportion of that. So how do you take that to the transgender movement and what is happening today in the transgender movement? We're seeing different people push another domino down, and all of a sudden, there's a whole new vocabulary thing and this is no more true than as we have gone back through Kindred Spirits, and we have initiated that form of relationship within tribal Native American existence today, this is the offshoot of that domino falling and the concept of Two Spirit that we are recording and we're seeing today.

Segment Synopsis: Yvonne talks about how Monasticism & Native American beliefs and how those things relate to the LGBTQ experience, and how they played a part in Kindred Souls.

Subjects: Community; Community Needs; Kindred Souls; Native American; Native American Spirituality

00:17:28 - The Relationship Between the Trans Community & The International Foundation for Gender Education

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Partial Transcript: Rachel Muir:

So what's the relationship between those two, could you-

Yvonne R.:

Well, it's like I think that the relationship, a lot of times is going down a river with the knowledge that you do have, your foot in one canoe and another foot in another canoe and different things. But really, the real trick is as you are flowing down that river is keep them as close as possible.

Segment Synopsis: Yvonne talks about her time working with the International Foundation for Transgender Education, and how to manage support groups for LGBT people.

Keywords: Acceptance; Community Needs; International Foundation for Transgender Education; Support Groups

00:32:02 - Stigmatization

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Partial Transcript: Now, that stigmatization started 3,000 years ago and we have to look at our transgender history as saying, "Again, 3,000 years ago, your personal or transgender experience, what did that represent in your tribe?" And again, it's the healer, the magician, the physician, the thing that person that's outside of the binary or the artist or whatever that particular group was. And because of that, they were demonized in order to promote what today is that we call religion and it is the reason why... and agreeing and that a religion that we based our society on a pyramid of masculine dominant power dominance and we are in that mode today and they would not particularly, here to the transgender person and the transgender person now is being so demonized. And they are government is setting up today to try to erase a behavior that's thousands and thousands of years old, but they're going to wipe it out. They're going to say that, "Tomorrow, you are a non person."

Segment Synopsis: Yvonne talks about the stigmatization that transgender people face at the hands of religion and the government.

Keywords: Air Force; Christianity; Religion; Stigma; Transphobia