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00:00:02 - Introduction 00:00:35 - Growing Up in Morganton and Beginning Dawn's Story

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Partial Transcript: Okay. I'm an air force brat. My dad was a 30 year career military man. He

retired when I was eight and we moved back to Morganton, North Carolina, which

is where I grew up. Morganton was where my mother's family was from. So we had

lots of family there. One of the things that I remember from very early on when

we came back to Morganton, I had a second cousin, an older cousin. She was in

her 20s probably at that time who was gay. My parents being military, we were

just very ... There was a certain liberalness to everybody's thought process. I

don't remember a time in my life when I didn't know that there were some women

who liked guys, and there were some women who liked girls and vice versa. It was

just sort of a common awareness to me. I didn't have any real sense that there

was anything wrong or unacceptable socially or anything. My cousin had two very

good friends that she played sports with, and my dad and I would go and watch

them play basketball and watch them play softball.

Keywords: LGBTQ+ History; Military; Morganton; Orlando

00:06:56 - Going to College at Western and Experiences with Fellow College Students

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Partial Transcript: I was headed to walk. In shorts and T-shirts, no big

deal. I was headed to go walking and a pickup truck came up the road from the

entrance with a whole bunch of obviously drunk guys piled in the back of the

pickup truck. Windows down and whatever, and somebody yelled something about,

"That's one of those damn dykes." Somebody else yelled something about, F and

queer something. Then they threw a couple of glass beer bottles at me. Now they

were coming from campus, they were going down. They were by me. Because they

were on the right hand side, they were right next to where I was walking. I'm

just kind of startled and obviously it's like, that's glass beer bottles. That's

kind of scary.

Keywords: LGBTQ+; Lesbian; Negativity; Sports; Volleyball; WNC; Western

00:22:53 - Dating Post-College and Counseling Work Experience

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Partial Transcript: Well, like I had said, I was dating a guy for about a year and a half, well,

yeah, my junior and senior year. Then right toward the end of my senior year, he

had already graduated and that was kind of going downhill. I encountered this

woman that was just amazing, so fascinating. She was younger. The community was

switching. Into the mid '80s, it was becoming more evident you were seeing more

people that were more androgynous than dykey. You saw lipstick lesbians, quite a

bit of them even. I met this woman that was just amazing and fascinating. We

ended up seeing each other for awhile.

Keywords: Bisexual; Counseling; Educating; Grad School; Marriage; Prison

00:34:56 - The Circles and The Community during COVID

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Partial Transcript: Circles is based on a national plan that was developed by our founder, who's out

in Utah. That combines the idea of people pulling themselves up by their

bootstraps and people making use of the benefits available to them. We're not a

crisis program. We work with the working poor. The analogy that I always use

when I'm talking about it to people is, we don't pull people out that are

drowning. We work with the people who've gotten close enough to shore, that

their head's above water, but they're still standing in the mud in a nasty pond.

Keywords: Circles; Middle Class; Poverty

00:41:21 - Being Out in Public, Experiences of Friends, and Living In Rural WNC

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Partial Transcript: Because I actually saw one of my exes was marching and I was just like ... She

was more shocked to see me because she was like, "I can't believe you're

actually here." It wasn't that ... You're just afraid. You don't know what

people are going to say. You don't know what's going to happen. People are

still, even as open as the world is, there's still this amazing ... Parents are

not always ready or able to see where they're at and what's happening. We knew a

young girl while we were working at the Renaissance festival and she was 15 and

very interested in the whole festival thing.

Keywords: Asheville; LGBTQ+; Marching; Pride Parade; WNC

00:48:18 - Social Life, Community, and The Renaissance Community

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Partial Transcript: They want to be independent and free and live their lives without all of the

social strains and the requirements of a mortgage and all this other stuff. Yet

they're very intelligent. They're very much about a financial thing. Or not a

financial thing, they're about the history. They're about having a good time

with what they're doing. That community is completely open. The only thing that

you can't get away with in the Ren fair community is hurting people. Otherwise,

they don't care. My first husband is part of the community also. When he and I

divorced, one of our friends sat us both down and said, "Look, you have one of

two choices. You're either going to be completely civil to each other because

you're both part of this community, or one of you is leaving. Because we're not

going to have this stuff here. It's not the way it works."

Keywords: Campus Interaction; Coming Out; Community; LGBTQ+ Community; Non-Tradtional; Renaissance; Social Groups

01:02:12 - Campus Faculty Interaction with the LGBTQ+ Community

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Partial Transcript: She was fired the next ...

She was just, poof, gone and nobody talked about it. But what's funny I remember

about that, was within the student community, the students were really angry at

the student that was dating the coach. Because they were like, "Basically you a

dumbass. You knew that wasn't okay. You knew that wasn't appropriate. You

created a situation where the AD, who was also a gay woman had to throw you out

of another ... You could have created this horrible situation by being

dumbbutt." Everybody was very angry at her about it. Very angry.

Keywords: Athletics; Communicating; Faculty; Health; LGBTQ+