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00:00:00 - Politics of Last Names (continuation from previous interview)

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Keywords: community; feminism; modern feminism; patriarchy; roles; society; upbringing; witch; women

00:01:22 - The Current State of Feminism

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:What do you think about the current state of feminism?
Antiga:That is a good question. Well, here is something to tell to anybody, anybody who you know and think is a feminist or who think they're feminists or who just want to investigate read The Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone. She was the most radical feminists of her day. You can still get her books on used books, but as far as I can tell she was never put on audio. She was so 00:02:00radical that she just got left behind. Here's what she says and I agree with it, "Women getting the vote killed the women's movement."

Keywords: #MeToo; 2020; 2020 election; Addams, Jane; Anthony, Susan B.; Barack Obama; Bernie Sanders; Blood Ritual Ceremony; Cherokee; Clinton, Hillary; Crone; Democrat; Democratic Nomination; Democrats; Donald Trump; Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Engles, Friedrich; Firestone, Shulamith; Freud, Sigmund; Friedrich Engles; Gage, Matilda Joslyn; Gloria Steinem; Greta Thunberg; Hillary Clinton; I Ching; Jane Addams; Johanna; Karl Marx; Mankiller, Wilma; Marx, Karl; Matilda Joslyn Gage; MeToo; Obama, Barack; PTSD; Progressive; Sanders, Bernie; Shulamith Firestone; Sigmund Freud; Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; Steinem, Gloria; Susan B. Anthony; The Dialectic of Sex; Thunberg, Greta; Trump, Donald; Wilma Mankiller; abortion; absentee ballot; activism; blacklash; blame; fear; feminism; fertility; intersectionality; mothers; patriarchy; perseverance; political women; politics; post traumatic stress disorder; progress; psychology; radicalism; schizophrenia; silenced; societal backlash; suffrage; support group; threats; voting; voting rights; women's movement; women's suffrage

00:21:43 - The Cost of Feminism: Family Strife

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Segment Synopsis: Antiga discusses what feminism has cost her personally, including familial relationships.

Keywords: brother; children; daughter; family; family conflict; feminism; granddaughter; grandmother; marriage; mother; motherhood; patriarchy; sexism; sister; son

00:24:03 - The Women's Suffrage Movement

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Partial Transcript: Antiga:The story my mother tells is that she was born in 1902. She must have been maybe only about six when this happened. She said, "I had to reach up to hold mother's hand..." She must have been a child, "For the suffrage parade." My grandmother was a suffrage and she also was part of the WCTU, which was not as feminist as I would have preferred it to be, because what was her name? 00:25:00Something Willard was her last day. There was a lot of racism in the WCTU. Of course, they made an assumption which at that time might have been logical to make is if they could get rid of the alcohol, things would be okay. There wasn't an understanding of alcoholism doesn't go away just because you get rid of the alcohol. There was racism there.
Miriam:Your mother merged with her mother and suffrage movement?
Antiga:Yes, when she was very little. My other grandmother, I know a lot less about her but I do know this for sure she lived in southern Ohio. Wilberforce college was the first college for black people by black people. They were the 00:26:00faculty, they did everything. This is my other grandmother, my father's mother who used to have the faculty from Wilberforce over to her house. She was in that part of being radical in her own way now, by her own time.

Segment Synopsis: Antiga discusses her family's relationship with the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Keywords: African American; Minnesota; Underground Railroad; alcohol; alcoholism; black; grandmother; march; mother; racism; radical; radicalism; school boards; suffrage; voting; women's suffrage

00:26:40 - Taking on the School Board in Minnesota

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:Well, tell me about that. What I read said your daughters inspired you to do that?
Antiga:Well, both our daughters. There was a woman whose name was Charlotte Striegel, and she was on faculty at the University of Minnesota. She was a mathematics professor. Her daughter and my daughter were in junior high and let 00:27:00me see if I can see what happened. Yes, it was. At that time the St. Paul school system is whom we sued were spending more money for the football uniforms for one school than they were spending on the whole girl set the lighting program for the whole. Charlotte and I went in there.

Segment Synopsis: Antiga discusses taking on the school board in St. Paul, Minnesota in matters concerning funding.

Subjects: 1970s; Charlotte Striegel; Feminists Who Changed America; Mindy; Olympics; St. Paul school system; St. Paul, Minnesota; Striegel, Charlotte; University of Minnesota; feminism; football; junior high school; mathematics; students; uniforms

00:31:22 - The Intersection of Lesbianism and Feminism

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:I think it did about your mother and then before that I was asking you about how you saw the intersection with feminism and lesbianism. I don't know if you want to say anything else about that or not?
Antiga:Well, it seemed to me. Yes. In my thinking back then I was thinking, "Well, that is the way to go. If you want to undo patriarchy, the best way to do it is to not need individual men." That was my thinking. I did.
Miriam:That was really political?
Antiga:It was very political.
Miriam:It was political on your part.
Antiga:It was. I'm not one of those that think, "I couldn't have done otherwise, I could have." I prefer it this way. I prefer it as my choice.
Miriam:Why is that?
Antiga:Well, I don't know. Well, the women's movement has been as much as possible about having choice and the choice as to when you can have your children has been a big choice and you see the backlash now on that one. It's just there. I can't say why about that, but it feels right to me. It's all I can say that, that was my choice.

Segment Synopsis: Antiga goes into more detail about how her lesbianism and feminism have affected her relationships with her family and other facets of her life.

Keywords: 1970s; Greensburg; I Ching; Maiden Rock Women's Learning Institute; Maiden Rock, Wisconsin; Minnesota; Thailand; Wisconsin; Yin I Ching; acceptance; choice; closeted; dementia; divorce; familial conflict; familial strife; family conflict; family strife; feminism; feminist; labels; lesbian; lesbianism; motherhood; politics; self acceptance; self-identification; sexism

00:42:26 - Artistic Endeavors

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Partial Transcript: Antiga:Yes. All right. Anything else?
Miriam:The menstrual painting.
Antiga:Menstrual painting.
Miriam:You got involved with that through the art core?
Antiga:Yes. I don't know how I started doing that but I did.
Miriam:I dropped something. Go ahead.
Antiga:Well, one of my friends Terry was married and her husband looks at me and then he said, looked at me and he said, "Mary Lee this time, you have gone too far." There's a PS to that. Now, interestingly enough, my friend Annie Mohler, who lives in Colorado was cleaning out her storage place and she found that the ones that I still have are little one about this big, but I did do some really big one. She has some big blood prints. She has worked them into her art, there's going to be a some gathering of feminist artists. She's got a panel. She's going to do a panel and they're going to talk about her work. That's happening on February the 14th, this year.

Segment Synopsis: Antiga discusses her art, including her paintings with menstrual blood, her activities at the College of St. Catherine's, and the Feminist Art Core.

Keywords: Annie Mohler; Colorado; Croning Ceremony; Feminist Arts Core; Mohler, Annie; Sister Judith; The College of St. Catherine's; art; backlash; blood; consciousness racing; criticism; hospice; menstrual blood; menstruation; music therapist; music therapy; paint; painting; societal backlash; support; support groups; women artists

00:50:48 - Being a Witch

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:Anything else you want to say about being a witch?
Antiga:Well, just one.
Antiga:(Singing). Oya! You are the wind! Remove the hurdles from our path! Oya! Mother of nine! Protect us with your medicine! Tornadoes! Psychic energy! Wind of our breath! Help us with our words! Oya! You are the wind! This is one of Linda's songs. Remove the--I have to go back to the beginning. Oya! You are the wind! Remove the hurdles from our path!

Keywords: Africa; Ann; Black Mountain, North Carolina; Blessings on the Water; Devorah Marvey; Juliet; Linda Metzner; Madison, Wisconsin; Marvey, Devorah; Metzner, Linda; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Miss French Broad; Oshun; Oya; Pagan Spirit Gathering; Riverside, North Carolina; Sahara Peace Choir; Shanti; St. Paul, Minnesota; Starhawk; Sue Ellen; Twin Cities; Warren Wilson College; Wicca; Wiccan; Yemaya; Yoruban; concerts; divorce; feminist; gathering; lesbian; lyrics; music; songs; spiral dance; spirituality; tuition; witch; words

01:00:22 - Co-counseling and Reevaluation Counseling

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Partial Transcript: Antiga:This is part of this theory, which maybe is corrected, maybe it isn't. If you can go back, they always say work early in your childhood. They believe that if you can release some of the distress from your early years, that it releases all the ones that hook into there, and that could be true. I can't say that unnecessarily believe it totally, but they have good theory. If it weren't for their males on top hierarchy, I would like them. I'm a feminist after all, and there is a way that their organization is not good for feminism I think. That's co-counseling. The technique is wonderful and as long as you don't do anything, but counsel then if you don't have to be involved in the hierarchy there. That's where I am. I do co-counsel with women. I have been taken to task for my thoughts about men in RC. You are not going be surprised.

Segment Synopsis: Antiga discusses co-counseling, benefits of it, how it works, and patriarchal problems therein.

Keywords: Harvey; North Carolina; Whites Eliminating Racism; co-counseling; counseling; distress; divorce; feminine focus; healing; hierarchal setup; hierarchy; listening; patriarchy; racism; reevaluation counseling; trauma; women only; women's gatherings; women's workshops

01:09:28 - Antiga's Education, Marriage, and Motherhood

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Partial Transcript: Miriam:What was it like for you being at UNC?
Antiga:UNC. Well, I got far off from there didn't I? Well, I had fun. I liked being at UNC. Although, I was forced to go there by my parents because in Worcester, I had gotten involved with a man they didn't like. This is another piece of my story, back to grade school. My mother was a teacher, and she taught in Ohio. She always thought she could have been quite right about this, that the education In the south was not very good. I proved her correct when I went to 01:13:00Worcester I failed the English placement test. I had to take a whole semester of remedial.
Antiga:Yes. I proved her correct in that one. Back to grade school, we were in Hill Creek for the first two years, but she didn't think Hill Creek was as good as Newton Academy. She sent me to Newton Academy as I was going into third grade, but my sister was going into first grade. She didn't have that my friends are over there and I don't have to be here. Newton Academy, one of the moment I met who was also slightly outsider, she was Jewish. At the time they live right around the corner on whatever this street is behind Newton Academy. I used to go over to her house for milk and cookies after. I was very friendly with her and I liked her a lot but she was Jewish.

Segment Synopsis: Antiga discusses details concerning her education, marriage, and motherhood.

Keywords: Buffalo; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; English; Hill Creek; Jewish; Judaism; NIH; National Institutes of Health; Newton Academy; Ohio; Public Health Corps; University of North Carolina; Worcester College; antisemitism; children; college; divorce; graduate school; linguistics; marital conflict; marriage; master's degree; military; motherhood; pregnancy; psychologist; psychology; remedial; sexism; social psychologist; social psychology

01:22:14 - One More Song

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Segment Synopsis: Antiga sings one more song before the conclusion of the interview.