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00:00:00 - The Running Water Collective

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Segment Synopsis: Peter and Ron buy 16 acres in Mitchell County, NC to create the Running Water Collective.

Keywords: Collective; Safe Space; Transformative Experience

00:07:36 - RFD Magazine

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Segment Synopsis: The community generates some income by producing the RFD, a "country journal for gay men everywhere."

Keywords: Gay men; RFD Magazine; Rural Free Delivery; country journal

00:19:32 - Relationship with Neighbors

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Partial Transcript: I met all of my neighbors and I knew who they were and
then knew who I was, so when they get the word that we have a gay group here
they were always all right. We had no trouble, really, until we had a black man
come. That was a red line we had crossed. We didn't {00:21:00} think there was anything to
it, but the neighbors thought differently.

Keywords: Racism

00:24:08 - Gay Spirit Vision Conference

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Segment Synopsis: Harry Hay talks at UNCA in 1979

Keywords: Gay Liberation; Spirituality

00:29:54 - The Fairy Community

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Segment Synopsis: Peter and Ron describe friendships in greater western North Carolina.

Keywords: Radical Fairies

00:34:32 - Southern Appalachian and Gay Alliance (SALGA) 00:35:38 - Gays in Asheville in the 1990s

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Segment Synopsis: The gay community in Asheville is not well-received at first.

Keywords: Baptist Preachers; Partner Benefits; Sweat Lodges

00:46:36 - Closure of Running Water

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Partial Transcript: I also {00:47:00} turned Running Water over to
someone. He was like the proverbial turd in the punch bowl.

Segment Synopsis: Ron has to sell Running Water, and the character of the property changes.

00:49:23 - Gay Weddings in North Carolina

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Partial Transcript: We had to have the whole country go before we would go.
Ron: What was good about that was then North Carolina couldn't take an
exception. It's a federal.

00:51:39 - The Masonic Temple in Asheville

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Partial Transcript: But there's very few gay Masons, and that's
going to to be a challenge to overcome.

Segment Synopsis: Ron runs for city council as an openly gay man. Although he loses, he serves o the city transit commission for ten years. Although there are still very few gay Masons, a gay man is "in line" to be the Grand Master in North Carolina.

Keywords: Gay Masons