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00:03:22 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Beth Heinberg: bisexual, long term relationship. Yeah.
Margaret Small: When did you come to us in North Carolina?
Beth Heinberg: 2004.
Margaret Small: What brought you here?
Beth Heinberg: Actually, I'm going to say 2005. Nancy and I were thinking about retiring here. My sister already lived here with our two nephews. We saw this house for sale by owner and we loved it, especially the tree house in the back.

Keywords: North Carolina; bisexual; sexuality

00:05:35 - Asheville

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Partial Transcript: Beth Heinberg: Wow. Well, when we moved here, this neighborhood, West Asheville, was very quiet and seemed like it was barely inhabited. We'd walk, go for a walk, and not see a person. It just felt kind of like we had moved to the country and in the past 15 years it's turned into Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There's so many more people here and so much more night life just down the block from us. We kind of love that, but it's really confusing and it's also kind of hard to park.

Keywords: West-Asheville; homophobia; race; racism; transphobia

00:07:49 - Boston

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Partial Transcript: When I was in Boston, I was totally out to all my students and friends and everybody I knew. There was just no closet and huge, huge queer, radical community. Then moving here and starting to teach middle school at a private school here in the Bible belt was difficult. I was encouraged not to be too out about my family configuration to my students.

Keywords: Boston; conservative; marriage equality; queer; radical

00:09:22 - Youth Outright

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Partial Transcript: We just kept seeing the membership grow and grow. It was so bittersweet to see that people would come from two hours away to these meetings. Families were nothing but supportive. They knew their kids needed this. It was just really great. It was all different kinds of kids, all different ages. Yeah. It was a beautiful thing.

Keywords: Youth-Outright; community

00:11:52 - Girls Rock Asheville

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Partial Transcript: They get together and form a band and learn an instrument, write a song in one week and then they perform it at the super hip rock club in town at the end of the week. It's a lot of work all year round just to get this camp happening for one week. It's a beautiful, amazing, affirming thing. For some kids, it's the only time they do get to use the pronouns they want to use and be who they want to be.

Keywords: Girls Rock Asheville; community; queer; trans; youth

00:14:27 - Pride Festival

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Partial Transcript: Oh, well I guess I should point out that going to pride has been a huge difference since '05. When we first went to our first pride here it was in the parking lot of Earth Fare Westgate. I'm sure it was probably more than 100 people but that's sort of what it looked like.

Keywords: Pride

00:15:26 - Networking

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Partial Transcript: Then, we started going to events held by the meetup, the Lesbian's Social Club started by [Gwyn Croft 00:16:24] and that was a real bump in our social life. We just met hundreds and hundreds of-
Margaret Small: Say a little bit about Gwyn and-
Beth Heinberg: Awesome women.

Keywords: Lesbian Social Club; Scandals; Youth-Outright; lesbian

00:17:00 - Lack of Diversity

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Partial Transcript: Well, there were a bunch of people who were noticing that the meetups were kind of white. They started this ... hosting this monthly diversity alliance to try to combat that and also work on fighting white supremacy, but also just social and support for women who wanted to party with people who weren't all white.

Keywords: anti-racist; race

00:18:08 - Coming Out

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Partial Transcript: I had a couple of dates and they were just gross. I'm sorry to all my old boyfriends, but there was just something way too hard about every single relationship with a man, the translation, the power imbalance. It just felt so right. As a feminist, it just felt so much more right and maybe a shortcut to intimacy to be with women.

Keywords: college; coming-out; polyamory; relationships; stereotypes; youth

00:27:05 - Stigma v.s. Inclusion

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Partial Transcript: I think there's more education around bisexuality. I'm sure there's still plenty of people who have those same old beliefs about bisexuals, just promiscuous or half-closeted or indecisive. There is, in our culture, straight privilege. If I were in a long term relationship with a man, I would be benefiting from that, for sure.

Keywords: bisexual; inclusion; passing; privilege; stigma

00:31:53 - Political Action

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Partial Transcript: Artists and activists have made some pretty fast changes in the past few years. The trans community has come a long way and has a long way to go, but it's pretty amazing that so many people who had not even thought about trans people except maybe as a joke are now really seriously having their opinions changed.

Keywords: "If These Walls Could Talk"; "Queer Nation"; marriage-equality

00:33:53 - Intersection of Race

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Partial Transcript: When we first moved here, our good friend [Alissa Cumba Zuena 00:34:48] was telling us that she finally had to shave her head because she was getting so many traffic stops having locks. Just driving with a certain kind of hair and she was getting stopped all the time. That's just one teeny little aspect of living in Asheville with black skin and hair.

Keywords: race

00:36:03 - Lesbian Asheville Today (2019)

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Partial Transcript: Though I want to definitely caution people who think they can move here from San Francisco or New York City and be as out as they were there. It's just not quite as safe. I have to say there's still plenty of gay bashing, especially the further you go outside of the city.

Keywords: North Carolina; bar; coming-out; homophobia

00:41:05 - Artifacts

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Partial Transcript: Because we have a lot of super cool flyers from Adult Children with Heterosexuals and Q-Set, this band we did in Boston that was ... we tried to do covers of only queer artists.