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Souvenir of Asheville or the Sky-Land
Mrs. Harriet Adams Sawyer

Souvenir of Asheville or the Sky-Land,
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Title Souvenir of Asheville or the Sky-Land, 1892
Alt. Title Asheville or the Sky-Land
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Creator Mrs. Harriet Adams Sawyer
Subject Keyword Asheville, NC ; travel and tourism ; Asheville, NC ;  Land of the Sky ; Western North Carolina ; Battery Park Hotel ; Mt. Mitchell Hotel ; Swannanoa Tunnel ; Hot Springs ; Swannanoa Hotel ; Lover's Leap ; Richmond Hill ; French Broad ;  Resources ; Flowers ; Asheville Plateau ; Merits of Climate ; The Brave's Farewell ; Poem ; Hotels ; Kenilworth Inn ; Hotel Belmont ; Oakland Heights ; Schools ; Ravencrofts High School ; Asheville Female College ; Binghman School ; Strawberry Hill ;
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Date of object 1892
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Description  A small booklet written as a souvenir of travels to Asheville and environs. Contains 103 pages of descriptions and photographs of Asheville' public buildings, hotels, businesses, scenery, and environment.
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Asheville, or Sky Land -- Situation
Asheville in Brief
Asheville Plateau
Merits of Climate
The Brave's Farewell, Poem
Hotels, Kenilworth Inn
Battery Park [Hotel]
Hotel Belmont
Oakland Heights [Hotel]
Schools, Ravencrofts High School
Asheville Female College
Binghman School [for Boys]
Places of Interest to Visitors
Places and Distances, etc.
Time Table
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Asheville from Town Mountain
The Square [Pack Square]
City Hall
Baptist Church
Above the Clouds
Mt. Mitchell
Tilling the Soil
French Broad, from Richmond Hill
Old Cabin Home
Connolly's Ford
Paint Rock
A Shady Nook
Caesar's Head
Pisgah, from Battery Park
Blondon [Blondin]Donkey
Boating on Swannanoa
Lover's Leap
Bailey's Bend on French Broad
On French Broad near Hot Springs
Pearson's Bridge
[Asheville Female College]
[Macadam Drive]
Reem's Creek Falls
The Sluice, on French Broad
Hotel and Fountain at Round Knob
Ravenscroft School
Kenilworth Inn
Battery Park [Old Battery Park Hotel]
Belmont [Belmont Hotel]
Oakland Heights [Oakland Heights Hotel]
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So many and great are the attractions and advantages offered by this modern Arcadia, it would be impossible to set them forth within the scope designed for this little souvenir. Accordingly, we shall only present, in so brief a form that " he who runs may read," a few of the salient points which make Asheville pre-eminently desirable as a place of resort, either for health, or pleasure, ...

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page 8  soa008 "... in Summer or Winter. Our illustrations will show something of the picturesqueness of Asheville and its environment, with its principal hotels and public buildings. We are confident that those who catch a glimpse through this vista, of its charms, will be impelled to investigate in person the larger claims of this Sky-Land to popular favor and patronage. soa0008.jpg (87443 bytes)
page 9 soa009

Asheville, Or Sky-Land.
Beautiful for Situation

"In this little souvenir of Asheville, it is our purpose to let it, so far as is possible, speak for itself. It has been said, "Figures do not lie." Is not this statement equally true of photography? Claiming that it is so, we give you, on a very small scale, a peep into this "SKYLAND."

As 'multum in parvo' is our motto, it has been exceedingly difficult to select from the hunderds of views, presented by the photographer, the small number which we can insert. The more we scanned the varied charms depicted, the more serious became the difficulty ; but, at last we have selected a few, which must be received by the reader as typical only, of the indescribable and unlimited expanse of grandeur and beauty, which Nature has so lavishly spread before us in this land of the sky.

'Lift thine eyes, O' lift thine eyes unto the mountains, from whence cometh thine help,'

To the ever-moving population of our country, especially to those who are seekers after health, and, not less truly to those who need only seek after the delights of travel, comes the question yearly -- 'Where shall we go?' Many places in the country answer the query most satisfactorily if you only wish a transient abode. To the North we are pointed for cooling breezes in summer, and to the South for balmy air and invigorating sun- ."

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page 10 soa010 "-shine in winter, but alas! between these two sections, there lies a vast area of territory, to compass which, one must expend a deal of strength, time and money.
So, Nature our kind mother, always so ready to minister to her children in life, and to gently cover and shelter them in death,  -- has prepared this 'Sky-Land,' this city of refuge alike from the blizzards of the northern winters, and the sultry southern summer's sun, where her children may hold high carnival, where the winters are softened, and where the summers are fanned by breezes fresh from the mountains, and where the weary may rest in an all the year jubilee.
What is there to delight the eye, or to inspire the poet's dream, that is not found in Asheville and vicinity? High mountains --- dewy vales --- sloping highlands,  --- rivers vying with any sung by poet, or painted by artist, whose very names breathe of music and son. "French Broad " Swannanoa." ...
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page 11 soa011 Boating on the Swannanoa soa0011.jpg (120882 bytes)
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page 13 soa013 "....On these shore how the ferns love to grow and flowers to bloom, decking shore and mountain side in every hue. How the birds sing! And still the deer darts in and out among the giants of the forest and the vine-trellised hills, finding alternate sun and shade.
     Who shall attempt to describe a sunset in this 'Sky-Land?' Surely you will gaze enraptured, and seem to hear sky-voices, which sound as if not far away, saying: 'Lift up your heads. O ye gates! even lift them up ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord of Hosts. He is the King of Glory.'
     Would you get near to Nature's heart? Hither come. With canopy of bluest blue, with sunlight, now flashing gems of every color over all, and anon, such shadows! As the sun sinks, giant forms of darkness stalk over the valley, the birds hide, the flowers close their petals and stillness audible prevails."
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page 14 soa0014 Asheville in Brief. "In 1812 Asheville, an old and picturesquely located mountain city, was simply a trading-post. In 1833 the place was incorporated and for years was known as Morristown. This name gave place later to that of Asheville, in honor of Samuel Ashe, of New Hanover. Its growth has been phenomenal. While it stands pre-eminent as a resort for health and pleasure, in both summer and winter, it deserves high rank as a city of great business resources and importance. Upon these we shall in this place dwell very briefly. There are 16 manufacturing and lumber establishments within the city limits, with an aggregate capital of $800,000 doing an annual business of $1,1000,000. Real estate transactions are very extensive..." soa0014r.jpg (148788 bytes)
page 15 soa0015 The Square. Asheville. [now Pack Square] soa0015r.jpg (120341 bytes)
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page 17 soa0017 "The markets are always well supplied with all of the best things which the seasons bring, and at low prices...In brief Asheville  - Has a Telephone Exchange ; It has a progressive Y.M.C.A. ; It has a good system of sewerage ; It has an efficient Fire Department ; It has a well-drilled military company ; It has an altitude of nearly 2,300 feet ; It has the Gamewell Fire Alarm System ; It has a public Library and Reading Room ; It has a progressive Mayor and City Council ; It has four railroads running in all directions ; It has three banks and two more in prospect ; It has the handsomest Opera House in the State ; It has a score of eminent and skillful physicians ; It has a large number of first-class livery stables ; It has excellent schools, both public and private ; It has two large and well-equipped Sanitariums ; It has two electric light companies and a gas company ; It has energetic, progressive and wide-awake merchants ; It has two daily and half a dozen weekly newspapers ; It has a population of 12,000 and about 100,000 visitors yearly ...." soa017.jpg (146048 bytes)
page 18 soa0018 "...It has an electric street railway traversing all parts of the city ; It has a good system of water works, giving an ample supply of pure water ; It has a new Government Post-Office in course of construction and a new City Hall ; It has flourishing Masonic, Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Knights of Honor, Sons of Temperance lodges, besides several labor organizations ; It had an ice factory, cigar factory, numerous wood working factories, tobacco factories, flour mills, broom factory, etc. ..." soa018.jpg (169330 bytes)
page 19 soa0019 National Bank of Asheville soa0017.jpg (171118 bytes)
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 page 21 soa0021 "RESOURCES : From "Lindsey's Guide Book" I quote the following:  Western North Carolina is not only exceedingly fertile but abounds in the richer minerals, and needs but the magic wand of the capitalist waved over it to become one of the richest sections of this Union. Occupying one-third of the entire area of the State, and possessing more than a quarter of a million of inhabitants, its present prospects are by no means disagreeable ; but its prominent citizens, of all walks of life, are anxious for immigration and development of the rich stores of gold, iron, copper, mica, etc., now buried in the hills. Let no one fancy that this mountain region is undesirable ...." soa0021r.jpg (158747 bytes)
page 22 soa0022 "The valleys of the French Broad and Swannanoa offer for all kinds of husbandry an inviting field, while the climatic conditions are more than favorable.  Agriculture is one of the interests tributary to Asheville, while the forest growth is a subject now attracting the attention of capitalists....Nearly 160 minerals, simple and compound, are found in Western North Carolina, many of them being extremely rare and of great value.  In the French Broad gold exists in many localities,, ....." soa0019.jpg (163769 bytes)
page 23 soa0023 Tilling the Soil. soa0023r.jpg (138924 bytes)
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page 25 soa0025 Paint Rock. soa0021.jpg (130200 bytes)
page 26 soa0026 Wills Bros., Architects, Asheville.  First Baptist Church. soa0022.jpg (111193 bytes)
page 27 soa0027 "Flowers. In winter the visitor finds the holly trees in their beautiful symmetry, laden with bright red berries, and the poetic mistletoe, handing in long masses from the limbs of the trees, and while the mountains are still snow-capped, the dainty violet will greet the traveler's feet. The hawthorne [sic] also abounds in December. In the spring the wild rhododendron, that royally luxuriant flower in pink and white, fringes every stream with beauty. ..." soa0023.jpg (152158 bytes)
page 28 soa0028 Wills Bros., Architects, Asheville.  City Hall. soa0024.jpg (93682 bytes)
page 29  soa0029 Old Cabin Home.  
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page 31 soa0031 Above the Clouds.
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page 33 soa0033 Asheville Plateau. From a paper read before the County Medical Society, at Asheville, January 2d, 1888, by Samuel Westray Battle, M.D., P.A. Surgeon U.S. Navy, Asheville, N.C. ...having his generous permission to do so, I quote extensively, knowing that his authority is unquestionably reliable: 'The Asheville or the Appalachian plateau with Asheville in its middle, is an elevated tableland somewhat triangular in shape, embracing some six thousand square miles of western North Carolina, with a general elevation of two thousand to fifteen hundred feet higher to the northward of Asheville ..."

" It is upward of a hundred and fifty miles long with an average width of twenty-five miles. It lies west of the Pine Ridge and east of the Great Smoky Mountains, its surface being much cut up by cross-chains and spurs of its eastern and western barriers, as the Black Mountain from the Blue Ridge, the Balsam, the Cullowee and Nantahala from the Smokies. Hills, valleys, rivers and forests, so diversify this intra montane expanse as to make it lovely and restful to the eye beyond the power of my pen to portray.

" The great Appalachian chain, upon reaching North Car­olina, stands sponsor to a section which should be, and I predict will be, the great sanitorium of our eastern country. As if conscious of its future importance it has seen fit to

page 34  soa0034

guard the plateau with its loftiest and grandest peaks, a half hundred of which tower to a height upward of six thousand feet, and a dozen pierce the sky at an altitude greater than that of Mount Washington, or any point east of the Rocky Mountains. As far as scenery goes, ' age cannot wither, nor custom stale its infinite variety' —a point too little thought of in casting about for a suitable climate.

" Asheville, the county seat of Buncombe, well situated 250 feet above the waters of the French Broad and Swan-nanoa rivers, and one mile from their confluence, is itself 2,350 feet above tide water. The entire region is covered with a luxuriant growth of primitive forest of pine, balsam and the handsomest of the deciduous variety of trees gener­ally, the mountains being wooded to their very summits, an unusual and an attractive feature which delights the eye and at once impresses most favorably the tourist and health seeker. The scenic effects to be had here are a proper food for the eye of the sick and the well, and in rounding up the complement of a health resort are not to be lost sight of. The Blue Ridge to the eastward is the water shed of the mountain region of Western North Carolina, the plateau being well watered by clear mountain streams the general direction of which is westward toward the Mississippi.

Nature of Climate.

THE climate of the Asheville Plateau may be called a medium altitude, dry, all-the-year-round climate, en­joying peculiar advantages and many attractive features by reason of its geographical situation. It is cool in summer, yet the winters, shorn of their harshness by rea-

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page 35 soa0035 Reem's Creek Falls.  soa0035r.jpg (194365 bytes)
page 36 soa0036 Hotel and Fountain at Round Knob.  soa0036r.jpg (196471 bytes)
page 37 soa0037

son of its southern latitude, induce almost daily out-of-door exercise, in the way of shooting, riding, driving, or short mountain excursions on foot. Moderate altitude, dry and ozoniferous atmosphere, bright sunshine and beautiful scenic environment are the important factors of the region.


" Observation extending through a period of eight years shows as follows:

" Mean temperature of Spring,     53-49.

"      "           "          Summer, 70-72.
'•               "          "  Autumn, 53-48.
"            "                Winter,    38-87.
"              "          for the year, 54-14."

 During a period of eight years the mercury but twice rose above 88 degrees, and but three times fell below 3 degrees." " The diurnal ranges of the thermometer are very small when compared with the high regions of the west," the mean daily range being twice as great at Colorado Springs as at Asheville.

" Dr. Herman Canfield, who has a handsome private institution for the treatment of chronic diseases near Bristol, R. I , spent some days here in January, 1886, casting about for a locality for cases needing special climatic influences. In a paper upon ' Some Health Resorts of the South,' the Doctor says of Asheville, ' We have nothing like it east of the Rocky Mountains, and the resulting climate resembles close­ly that of the Parks of Colorado.' And speaking of the perception of heat and cold being a guide to climate, even

page 38 soa0038

more reliable than meteorological record, continues, ' I trav­eled in the open air most of the time (January) without an overcoat. * * * I did not feel the cold with the mer­cury at 32 degrees, in the rain, as I did at Aiken or Florida at 50 degrees with the sun shining."


"•The mean relative humidity for the year at Asheville from observations of four years, 1876-1879, was 70.32 per cent., while the record at Davos, Switzerland, for 187G, according to Dr. Julius Hahn, was 75.05 per cent. Colorado Springs is dryer and would show a considerably lower relative humidity.

" Dr. Denison's Climatic Maps accentuate the fact that this region is the dryest in our eastern country. The mean rela­tive humidity at Asheville for the winter from observations of thirteen years, was 68 per cent., while that of Aiken, S. C., for two years only, for the winter was 63.64 per cent. No data at hand for the mean relative humidity for the year at Aiken.


"I have no means at hand to obtain data in regard to the prevailing winds. There is considerable air movement which is not an advantage to any resort, but there is less wind than in Colorado or any mountain resort in America.

page 39 soa0039 Bailey's Bend.


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page 40 soa0040 Blank Page Blank Page
page 41 soa0041 "Atmospheric Pressure. 'The mercurial barometer registers usually in fair weather at Dr. Douglas's office 27.55 inches. In altitude which is suggested by the diminished density of the atmosphere as shown by the barometer standing at 27.55 instead of about 30 at sea level, the plateau seems the golden mean, not high enough to disturb the great organ of the circulation, the heart, or the digestive system, yet sufficiently so to reap many of the benefits of altitude...'
'The average annual rainfall is 40 inches, well distributed throughout the year, thus favoring agriculture and not subjecting the section to seasons of alternate rain and drought. The snow record for the season is that two inches fell on the 30th of October last, since which time up to the present writing (February) [1888], the ground has not once been covered.' ...
Sunshine and Cloudiness
. 'The average number of sunny days (fair and clear days) from observations of two years  (Dr. Gleitsmann's Tables) was 259 against 277 at Colorado Springs, the sunniest place in America ; not a bad showing, certainly.' ..."

soa0041r.jpg (198322 bytes)


page 42 soa0042

little resistance to the solar rays which are peculiarly genial.

"Dr. Gleitsmann, to whom we are indebted for the most reliable data on the climate of Asheville, writes: ' The tem­perature in winter (at Asheville) rises during mid-day, with few exceptions, to 50 degrees or over, and in sheltered places with southern exposure, where patients congregate, to 70 or 80 in the sun.

"' The greater number of days in winter have clear bright sunshine, and insolation being notoriously more powerful in the highlands than in the lowlands makes out-of-door life all the more pleasant. The beauty of these bright, cloud­less days, and their bracing and tonic influence on invalids, can only be realized by actual experience.' My own per­sonal observation corroborates the above figures and remarks.

The Merits of the Climate.

   "In regard to the merits of the climate, or the climato-therapy of the plateau, let us briefly sum up its advantages without bestowing indiscreet or overzealous praise. It is pre-eminently a suitable one for the early stages of pulmo­nary phthisis, especially for such subjects as cau and will get out in the air, and are determined to take benefit of the dry, tonic, invigorating, bracing qualities thereof — and keep good hours. Conditions which seem to favor germ propagation and prolong the species of the genus Bacterium do not exist here.

" Wounds heal kindly and operative procedures of the gravest character are rarely followed by septic infection.

"The mortality from pulmonary phthisis is not large in any part of North Carolina, being, according to the Mortal-

soa0035.jpg (216207 bytes)
page 43 soa0043 The Sluice. soa0043r.jpg (178772 bytes)
page 44 soa0044 Blank Page Blank Page
page 45 soa0045

-ity Tables of the Tenth Census (1880), 13.4 for every 10,000 of population throughout the State. But it is interesting to note that the mountain counties show a mortality of only 10.6 in every 10,000 of population, as against 16.1 for every 10,000 of population of all the other counties of the State, in the aggregate; or in other words, in a State where pulmonary phthisis does not figure prominently in the mor­tality tables the death rate is still fifty per cent, less in the mountain section than in the other lower-lying portions of the State.

" Drs. Avery Segur and T. Mortimer Lloyd, of Brooklyn, made a visit to the plateau in Sept. 1886, afterward pub­lishing in the New York Medical Journal of April 9, 1887, a very interesting article under the caption ' Some Evidence Relating to Asheville and the Mountains of North Carolina in the Climatic Treatment of Phthisis.'

" These gentlemen were so well pleased, and so impressed by the apparent climatic advantages of the plateau in the treatment of phthisis, that they instituted a clinical inquiry into its merits : by addressing a circular letter and questions to nearly three hundred prominent physicians in the large cities,' many of whom had patients here. I can hardly do better than quote from the ' summary of replies ' as given in this excellent paper, viz.: ; The general opinion is that spring (when mud is gone), summer and autumn months are the most favorable seasons, and that January and Feb­ruary are the most unfavorable months. It is generally agreed that prolonged residence is beneficial. Many recov­eries are reported. Dr. Gleitsmann gives a striking report of sixty-four cases decidedly improved of eighty-six cases of incipient phthisis. The answers indicate the lasting benefits of an Asheville residence. As would be anticipated

soa0045r.jpg (227987 bytes)
page 46 soa0046

the improvement has been chiefly in the early stages, but some striking benefits were experienced in unpromising cases. * * * All the replies indicate that sleep is favored by this climate. * * * No malaria reported and the advantages of this region for its treatment indicated.

" Among other conditions indicating the advisability of a sojourn in this region maybe mentioned, asthma, hay fever, convalescence from malarial and other fevers (there are no lakes or swamps, and malaria is unknown), nervous prostra­tion and exhaustion from over-work or long-continued sum­mer heat; as also chronic congestions of the internal organs, by reason of diminished atmospheric density causing a determination of blood to the surface, hence the great bene­fit of altitude in incipient phthisis. Nervous energy and muscular vigor are usually increased, and the nutrition of the body and the condition of the blood improved by a sojourn at moderate elevation ; above 6,000 feet the appetite for food is diminished and the digestive organs frequently disordered, whereas a medium altitude usually increases the desire for food and quickens digestion. By reason of its medium altitude contra-indications to a residence upon the plateau are few, though organic disease of the heart where the circulation is much disturbed must not be lost sight of. Of course those who are in advanced phthisis and are too feeble to breathe the out-of-door air, and take some sort of out-of-door exercise, are better off at home with their friends, surrounded by comforts that cannot be supplied elsewhere."

soa0046r.jpg (171508 bytes)
page 47 soa0047 Lover's Leap.
page 48  soa0048 Blank Page Blank Page
page 49 soa0049 "The Braves Farewell. Sad I leave thee, Swannanoa,
All my sires have loved thee well,
Ere the presence of the pale-face
Threw o'er us its deadly spell. ..."
soa0040.jpg (150807 bytes)
page 50 soa0050 Continues the poem:  "The Braves Farewell"
...Do you miss your dusky children?
Do you listen for their song?
Hasten on, sweet Swannanoa
To the "dead past" these belong.
Some in other lands are roaming,
No abiding place have we, --
But, though fugitives we wander
We will still remember thee....
soa0041.jpg (144894 bytes)
page 51 soa0051 A Shady Nook. soa0051r.jpg (215885 bytes)
page 52 soa0052 Blank Page Blank Page
page 53 soa0053 Kenilworth Inn.
page 54  soa0054 Blank Page Blank Page
page 55 soa0055 The Entrance to Kenilworth.
page 56  soa0056 Along the Swannanoa, within Kenilworth Park. soa0056r.jpg (172506 bytes)
page 57 soa0057 "Hotels. As tourists and health seekers, hotel accommodations are matters of vital interest and importance; and, as Asheville is justly proud of its achievements in this direction, I shall describe quite fully the attractions offered by the leading hotels here.... Kenilworth Inn."  soa0046.jpg (199698 bytes)
page 58  soa0058 "'A park of one hundred and sixty acres immediately surrounds Kenilworth Inn, twenty acres of which is in a velvety lawn, the balance a superbly wooded tract of the most varied forest growths, containing grand old Spanish and stately white oaks, health-giving pines, delicate dogwoods, spicewood, luxuriant rhododendrons, laurel, azaleas, sweet shrubs, larkspurs, and small flora too numerous to mention. The native birds, gray squirrels, partridges, and wild rabbits are here protected, and afford unlimited entertainment. ..." soa0047.jpg (226781 bytes)
page 59 soa0059 Macadam Drive to Kenilworth. soa0048.jpg (173597 bytes)
page 60 soa0060 Blank Page Blank Page
page 61 soa0061 "The breadth of view from Kenilworth Inn is remarkable. To the east is the Craggy Range of mountains, but seven miles distant, and through its dips the highest peaks of the Black Mountains are visible ; Mount Mitchell, the most prominent, and at the same time the highest point of land east of the Rocky Mountains. Mr. George W. Vanderbilt's private park, containing seven thousand acres, directly adjoines the Kenilworth property on the south side, while its drives cultivated hill-sides and forests, make up many miles of the view to the south with the mountains as a background. ...'The approach to Kenilworth Inn from the Vanderbilt Station, called "Biltmore," is along the Swannanoa for a few hundred feet, thence through a beautiful ravine, and around the hill front, to the massive stone porte cochere through which guests enter the large rotunda. Upon the first floor are the offices, newsstand, telephone and telegraph offices, emergency pharmacy, parlors, music hall, ladies' billiard room, reading and writing rooms, dining halls, and seven thousand feet of porches. All the bedroom floors are duplicates. ..." soa0049.jpg (236233 bytes)
page 62 soa0062 Each room has an entirely separate flue, and the air is changed in every room each five minutes throughout the entire twenty-four hours. The inside finish is in native hard wood. Kenilworth Inn has all of the modern conveniences, with everything for comfort, pleasure and luxury. A superior cuisine, the purest water, no back rooms, rare views from every room, electric lights, elevator, billiards, bowling, tennis, laundry and livery. Particular attention has been given to plumbing and drainage. The music will be conducted by Professor Bastert, with a select orchestra. comfortable conveyance to the business center of Asheville many times daily." soa0050.jpg (159832 bytes)
page 63 soa0063 Blank Page Blank Page
 page 64 soa0064 Battery Park Hotel. Steele & McKissick, Managers. Open all the year. soa0064.jpg (207674 bytes)
page 65  soa0065 "Battery Park. Is a spot of historical interest, and notoriously popular, not alone for its beautiful views (being over 100 feet above the highest streets of the city, anbd commanding a stretch of county in some directions of sixty miles in extent), but as having been the location selected during the war by the Confederates as the defense to the city. Here a battery was planted, and maintained till near the close of the war. The old breastworks still remain, and are preserved as flower-beds. The view from the hotel is said by travelers to be unsurpassed in beauty in the world -- the eye commanding a view covering 1000 square miles of the most beautiful mountain scenery.  Battery Park Hotel, on the twelfth day of July, 1886 made its first bow to the public, and entered the arena for its share of public favors. It has now (May) passed through six summers and five winter seasons, and its success, which was never doubted, has been so complete, and has so far exceeded the expectations of its owner that its enlargement is nearly double the original capacity...." soa0052.jpg (213321 bytes)
page 66 soa0066 "...A new wing with thirty-five rooms has lately been added. It is heated by steam and open fire-places, and lighted wholly by electricity ; an Otis hydraulic passenger and baggage elevator runs from the basement to the attic ; electric bells connect all rooms with the office ; a stem laundry, with all the improved machinery, for doing the work of both the guests and the house ; water-closets and baths, public and private, on every floor ; ...A dark room, with abundance of running water and electric light, for use of photographers. A first class livery stable is run in connection with the hotel, where saddle horses, village carts, broughams, buggies, etc., may be hired at any time. Some of the dirives to well-known places are beautiful in the extreme : for instance the road leading to Bald Mountain -- famous to theater-goers as being the seat of the action of the popular drama Esmeralda -- is one of the most famous in the South...." soa0053.jpg (227221 bytes)
page 67  soa0067 Mt. Pisgah from Battery Park. soa0054.jpg (181774 bytes)
page 68 soa0068 Blank Page Blank Page
page 69 soa0069 Battery Park Hotel, cont. "... For the accommodation of guests arriving and departing from the Battery Park Hotel, the house has arranged with the Electric Street Railway of Asheville for an elegant special car, for their exclusive use, which meets all trains. We advise guests to avail themselves of this car, as it is the quickest and by far the most comfortable means of reaching the hotel. To insure the prompt delivery of baggage, give your checks to no one but the Battery Park Hotel porter, who is at the depot on the arrival of trains."
page 70 soa0070 French [B]Road From Richmond Hill.
page 71 soa0071 The Hotel Belmont, Asheville, N.C. (See Advertisement.) Formerly called Asheville Sulpher Springs Hotel. Open All the Year. Karl von Ruck, Prop'r. soa0057.jpg (197534 bytes)
page 72 soa0072 Blank Page Blank Page
page 73 soa0073

The Belmont.


The Belmont is situated on a mountain plateau, in a natural grove of sixty-five acres, at an altitude of 2,500 feet. The West Asheville and Sulphur Springs Electric Railway extends from the hotel to the Union Depot, making trips every half hour, where it connects with the  Asheville city line. The scenery along this road is the most picturesque and enjoyable to be found in this vicinity. From 'The Belmont' the road follows the banks of the Hominy ; then climbs Strawberry Hill  and descends to the beautiful French Broad and winds along its banks to the junction of the two rivers, the French Broad and the Swannanoa. At this point the road crosses the French Broad over a substantial iron bridge and continues down the east bank of the river to the depot. 


The Hotel Belmont is an elegant new three story brick building (the only large brick hotel in Asheville), with every modern improvement, or a capacity for 250 guests. The location offers the most magnificent scenery from every window in the house, hence there are no undesirable rooms ...."

soa0058.jpg (180095 bytes)
page 74 soa0074


The building is heated by steam and open fires ; has an electric elevator and bells ; is lighted by gas, supplied with bath rooms, hot and cold water on each floor, perfect fire escapes, Miller chemical fire engines, etc. Telephonic communication exists with the depot and city. ...

The plumbing was laid under the supervision and direction of a physician, and every sanitary precaution has been observed for the health of the house. The dining room is observed for the health of the house. The dining room is large, bright, cheerful and tastefully furnished. The table will be maintained at the highest standard, both in service and cooking. The Belmont Dairy furnishes the richest milk, cream and butter. A first-class laundry is connected with the house. A well appointed livery stable is also provided.

Mineral Water.

At the Hotel Belmont, near the terminus of the West Asheville & Sulphur Springs Electric Railway, are..."

soa0059.jpg (216027 bytes)
page 75 soa0075 Connally's Ford.
page 76 soa0076 Blank Page Blank Page
page 77 soa0077 ..two fine sulphur springs and several iron and lithia [lithium]  springs which have attracted many people to Asheville for years past on account of their medicinal properties. These are the only mineral springs in the vicinity of Asheville ; they re attractive, and the springs are an objective point for the citizens as well as the visitors of Asheville. We append an analysis of the two Springs:  ...Sulphur Spring....  Iron Spring."  
page 78 soa0078

78                                               ASHEVILLE,   OR   SKY-LAND.

In addition to the mineral water the house is supplied from a soft, pure, living mountain spring, some three miles distant.

The effects produced differ with the person and his pre­vious physical condition. The tendency is to correct many forms of dyspepsia, including hepatic sluggishness, constipa­tion, catarrhal troubles and functional diseases of the kidneys. If, by the prescribed use of mineral water, a general derangement of the digestive and assimilative organs can be made to resume their normal functions, the cause of many incipient secondary troubles may be removed which, if neglected, may prove to become serious complica­tions.


Among the many sources of diversion and recreation may be mentioned a first-class orchestra in attendance during the summer and winter season. Six hundred acres of the finest hunting, reserved exclusively for the guests of the hotel, fishing (bass and trout), boating on the French Broad and Hominy, billiards and pool (parlors for both ladies and gentlemen), dancing, lawn tennis, croquet, target shooting, outdoor promenade over hill and dale, forest and field, together with driving and horseback riding.

The tourist, the pleasure or comfort-seeker, or those in search of health, will find "The Belmont " a delightfully .cool mountain home in mid-summer and in winter possess­ing all of the comforts of the most exquisite Northern hotel, combined with advantages and attractions of the most perfect climate in America.

There is a resident physician, whose services may be had at any time.

soa0061.jpg (215327 bytes)
page 79 soa0079 The Oakland Heights, Asheville. soa0079r.jpg (169772 bytes)
page 80 soa0080 Blank Page Blank Page
page 81 soa0081 Oakland Heights. "The Oakland Heights Sanatorium is all its name implies: 'A place where every appointment is conducive to health." It is located on a commanding eminence at the southern limit of the City of Asheville, from which a magnificent view is obtained of the surrounding mountains, and the Swannanoa, as it buries its form in the racing waters of the French Broad, while just beyond, en- circled by the rivers, the stately Vanderbilt park can be seen. It is the only house in Asheville where consumptives are not received. It possesses all the advantages of a first-class hotel, and in addition is thoroughly equipped with modern appliances for the scientific relief and cure of all nervous and chronic diseases. ...The methods of treatment include all forms of baths: Turkish, Roman, Russian, Cabinet, Electro-Thermal Galvanic, Electro-Thermal Faradic,  Electro-Chemical, Electricity-Galvanic, Electricity-Faradic, Massage, Sea Salt Baths, Common Salt Baths, Sprays, Salt Rub, Oil, Fomentations, Sheet Pack, etc. ..." soa0063.jpg (207403 bytes)
page 82 soa0082 Oakland Heights, cont. "...they will find a cheerful home where everything is done for the comfort and pleasure of its inmates, regularity and correct living being one of its essential features.  The cuisine is unsurpassed, and particular attention is given to guests requiring a select diet. Health-seekers receive special care, and those requiring a place in which to rest, free from the usual excitement of a hotel life, or persons suffering from pressure of business and wearied by the cares and burdens of social life, will find all they desire at the "Heights." A more beneficial method of treatment can not be found for those recuperating from the prevalent, and in may cases, disastrous "La Grippe," than that afforded at the Sanatorium. soa0064.jpg (165919 bytes)
page 83 soa0083 Ravenscroft High School. soa0065.jpg (198092 bytes)
page 84 soa0084 Blank Page Blank Page
page 85 soa0085 "Schools. Asheville offers excellent educational advantages. The public schools are under the supervision of both city and State. Great care is taken to have a Board of Trustees which honor their position. Under their wise supervision the schools have taken a high rank.  Ravenscroft High School. The Ravenscroft School for boys owes its existence to the N.C. Diocesan Conventions of 1886-'87 which undertook to supply the demand for a Diocesan School of highest order. The Bishop of N.C. said, in an address at the convention of the Diocese in 1891: -- 'I was much cheered and encouraged by the increasing prosperity of Ravenscroft High school for Boys. Under the wise, able and judicious management of Mr. MacDonald, there has been a constant advance, and now the school has won for itself a very high reputation, and has secured the utmost confidence on the part of those whose sons have been enjoying its privileges....'" soa0066.jpg (181997 bytes)
page 86 soa0086 "Asheville Female College. This college has elegant and comfortable buildings, surrounded by beautiful grounds. The campus contains 7 acres of well shaded lawn. A thorough and extensive course of instruction is given, including Languages, Music, Literature, History and Mathematics. In sanitary results it certainly has a wonderful record. In thirteen years they have not had one case of fatal illness. Its enrollment of pupils last year was 159. The Bingham School. The Bingham School is a military school of high rank. It was established in 1793. It has a new and elegant building, splendidly and healthfully located on Bingham Heights. Maj. R. Bingham, A. M. , LL.D, Superintendent ; Lieut. John Little, U.S.A., Prof. Military Science and Tactics. Of this school the U.S.A. Bureau of Education says: 'Bingham School stands pre-eminent among southern schools, and ranks with the best in the Union."
page 87 soa0087 Asheville Female College soa0087r.jpg (185142 bytes)
page 88 soa0088 Blank Page Blank Page
page 89 soa0089 On French Broad Near Hot Springs. soa0089r.jpg (190940 bytes)
page 90 soa0090 Blank Page Blank Page
page 91 soa0091 "Places of Interest to Visitors. The walks, drives and excursions, long and short, are too numerous to be fully described in this little volume. We append a list of those of greatest interest, with their distance from Asheville. ... I shall not describe them in detail, but mention a few, illustrations of some of which are contained in this souvenir. Mt. Mitchell, Altitude 6,717 Feet -- Why so Called. In the year 1835, Rev. Elisha Mitchell, D.D., determined, in the interest of science, to make a geological survey of this mountain, as it was generally supposed to be higher than Mr. Washington, although its superior altitude had not been proven. After prolonged and patient labor involving the climbing of the many peaks of the Black Mountains, he gave to the world as a result of his efforts, the announcement that the highest southern summit was higher than Mt. Washington. There arose some dispute as to the reliability of this decision, so Dr. Mitchell resolved to confirm his former ..." soa0070.jpg (204291 bytes)
page 92 soa0092 "...measurement. Thereupon for this purpose he again visited the mountain in 1857. In this effort he lost his life, but not until he had accomplished his aim. His body was found in a pool of crystal water, into which he had, by slipping, fallen. The body was conveyed to Asheville and buried there. A year later it was disinterred, and given its last resting-place upon this grand eminence which bears his name. In filial devotion, his youngest daughter bequeathed funds to erect the beautiful monument which now marks his tomb. The Grave of Rev. Elisha Mitchell, D.D., On Mr. Mitchell. [poem]." soa0071.jpg (200234 bytes)
page 93 soa0093 Mt. Mitchell. Altitude 6,717 Feet.
page 94 soa0094 Blank Page Blank Page
page 95 soa0095 Richmond Hill. This is an eminence about 4 miles northwest of Asheville which commands a fine view of the French Broad and its devious windings.

Pearson's Bridge. Leaving Battery Park and driving downa pleasant slope to the French Broad, you cross this river, over this magnificent bridge, the private property of Mr. Pearson, whose beautiful residence stands on the summit near.

Connolly's Ford. This is the most picturesque spot about two miles south of Asheville. To the west lies Mt. Pisgah, the Cold Mountains, and some of the highest peaks of the Balsams with the French Broad winding picturesquely through the valley.

Esmerelda's Cabin is simply a rock formation, resembling a cabin, upon the side of Bald Mountain. This is the scene of Mrs. Burnett's charming play, "Esmerelda." The Old Cabin Home presents the characteristics of the home of the negro in days of the past. This is rapidly being replaced by the neat cottage,as education and prosperity do their work. Lover's Leap overhands Asheville Turnpike a few yards from Silver Creek. There is a pathway to the top of Lover's Leap, but Lover's Leap Mountain rises 600 feet higher still. Scenery rugged and grand in the extreme.

soa0073.jpg (196716 bytes)
page 96 soa0096 Mt. Pisgah. Although this is not the Mt. Pisgah upon which Moses stood, it is a splendid point from which "to view the landscape o'er. As this mountain is frequently visited by showers, it is quite necessary to go prepared for rain.

Reems Creek Falls. These falls are on a bold mountain stream which flows into the French Broad river. A view of them well repays the tourist for the effort to see them. The road leading to them is one of great beauty.

Caesar's Head. This is the name of a delightful summer resort about 45 miles from Asheville. It consists of a bold rocky spur of the Blue Ridge Mountains from which is obtained a view of unsurpassed extent and beauty. Caesar's Head Hotel offers accommodations for about two hundred guests.  The owner has a part of the estate under cultivation but has wisely reserved a hundred acres of native forest containing a great variety of trees. There is also a mineral spring there which is regarded of great value.  The origin of its name is obscure. By some it is said that it was so named from a supposed likeness to the human face. Others tell us that a former owner had a dog named Caesar, and from the resemblance of the rock in profile to the head of a dog it received its name.

soa0074.jpg (190937 bytes)
page 97 soa0097 Pearson's Bridge. soa0075.jpg (236947 bytes)
page 98 soa0098 Blank Page Blank Page
page 99 soa0099 Caesar's Head. soa0099r.jpg (205162 bytes)
page 100 soa0100 Blank Page Blank Page
page 101 soa0101 Round Knob Hotel and Fountain. This most charming place is located about 20 miles east of Asheville. It is nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains. The railroad engineering necessary to overcome the steep grade in ascending the Blue Ridge, is most interesting. It is very circuitous, passing over a distance of 4 1/2 miles ; nine times the distance covered by the pedestrian. An excellent hotel is that of "Round Knob," -- from which parties can take various excursions of deep interest.

Paint Rock. A grand and massive granite rock, on which are seen indelible hieroglyphics, said to have been painted by the Indians, which have never been deciphered. This rock lies across the line dividing Tennessee and South Carolina. It is near Hot Springs and no tourist can afford to fail to visit this region, which needs a book for itself to do it justice.

Chimney Rocks are in the vicinity of Paint Rock. They tower 300 feet above the French Broad, their summits being inaccessible to human feet.

soa0077.jpg (204919 bytes)
page 102 soa0102 Blondin Donkey. soa0102r.jpg (209115 bytes)
page 103 soa0103 Places of Interest in and Around and Distances From Asheville.
page 104 soa0104 Time Table. Of Trains Leaving All Large Cities -- North and South, East and West.
Authorities. I wish to acknowledge gratefully my indebtedness to Samuel Westray Battle, M.D., and to the authors of "Lindsey's Guide Book to Western N.C., and "Standard Guide to Asheville" for helps in the preparation of this Souvenir.
soa0080.jpg (205903 bytes)
page 105
soa0105 Advertisements, i
Chambers Weaver Livery Stable, 15, 17 and 19 Willow St., Between Swannanoa Hotel and Episcopal Church.
Weaver & Meyers - The Shoe Store. Trunks, Valises, Riding Leggins, Umbrellas. 39 Patton Avenue, Asheville, N.C.
John Child, Real Estate and Loan Broker. Mineral and Timber Lands. Loans Securely Placed at 8 per cent. No. 1 Legal Block.
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page 106
soa0106 Advertisements, ii
"B.H. Cosby [Jeweler], Successor to C. Cowan. Jeweler. Novelties, Souvenirs, N. 27, Patton Av., Asheville, N.C.
Wills Brothers, Architects, 32 Patton Av., Asheville, N.C."
soa0106r.jpg (174105 bytes)
page 107
soa0107 Advertisements, iii
"E.W. Patton, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Cor. Water and College St.
Model Steam Laundry, cosler & Willis. First-Class Work. Prompt Delivery. Church St. Transient Trade a Specialty.
One Bottle of Buncombe Sarsaparilla will convince the most skeptical of its real value. By its use you can save yourself from suffering caused by the eruptions and ulcerous sores through which the system strives to rid itself of corruptions. It purifies the blood, giving it renewed vitality and force. Being an alterative it changes the action of the system, imparting fresh strength and vigorous health. The concentrated power and curative virtues of Buncombe Sarsaparilla render it the most reliable blood purifier that can be used, while it is entirely safe for patients of all ages.
The general tendency of Buncombe Sarsaparilla is laxative, but in a numver of cases it is not enough so -- hence we have had a good many demands for a good vegetable pill. Buncombe Liver Pills are mild, yet efficient ; do not cause pain or gripe, and act upon the liver and bowels. They are especially valuable as after-dinner pills, and readily cure constipaton, nausea, distress in the stomach, etc. They are purely vegetable, and we believe are the best family pills yet prepared and offer them with perfect confidence, believing that whenever used it will be with the happiest results. Try them and judge for yourself. Manufactured by J.S. Grant, Ph.G., Asheville, N.C. "
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page 108
soa0108 Advertisements, iv
"Dr. Geo. O. Roberts, Surgeon Dentist, 57 South Main St. Over Law's Store.
Allen L. Melton, Architect. Office and Residence, No.2 College Place Uptown Office, 24 Barnard Block, W. Ct. Sq. Heavy Building speciality. Full Details, Specifications and Estimates of Contract Furnished with all Plans. P.O. Box 671. Telephone No.134.
Jenks & Jenks Real Estate and Insurance.  State Agents for the Detroit Safe Co.'s Fire and Burglar-Proof Safes. Agents of the Travelers' Life and Accident Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. Fire Insurance placed in twenty of the Best Companies in the World. Corundum, Asbestos and Mica Properties for sale. Mineral and Timber Lands a specialty. Dealers in Raw Furs and Ginseng Root. 32 Patton Av., Asheville, N.C.
Rest, Comfort, Health, Pleasure. The Oakland Heights, Asheville, North Carolina. A place where every appontment is conducive to health. A first-class hotel and in addition has a thoroughly equipped Sanatorium with Turkish, Roman and Russian Baths, Massage, Electricity, etc, all under the supervision of skillful physicians and attendants. Consumptives not received. Send for Circulars.
soa0085.jpg (230309 bytes)
page 109
soa0109 Advertisements, v
"Asheville Female College. Asheville, N.C. Elegant and Comfortable Buildings. Large and Beautiful Campus. Thorough and extensive course of instruction in Languages, Literature, History and Mathematics. Music and Art Departments of Highest Order. Healthiest Climate in America. No fatal case of sickness during present administration of thirteen years. Enrollment past year, 159. Music Class, 128. Session of 1892-93, begins Sept. 15th, 1892. Send for Catalogue to Prof. B.E.Atkins, Asheville, N.C.
Bingham School, Asheville, N.C. Established in 1793. Maj. R. Bingham, A.M., LL.D., Superintendent. Lieut. John Little, United States Army, Prof. Military Science and Tactics. 'Bingham School stands PRE-EMINENT among Southern Schools for boys, and ranks with the best in the Union.' --United States Bureau of Education. We have carefully examined the new School Building on Bingham Heights, just without the city limits of Asheville, and take pleasure in hearing testimony as follows: I. The location in natural advantages leaves nothing to be desired. II. The buildings exceptionally fill the requirements. III. The sanitation is as perfect as scientific modern plumbing can make it. IV. The water supply is abundant, the water of the purest, carefully collected from mountain springs and without a chance of contamination. V. The all-the-year-round-climate of Asheville is world-renowned and with the School's exceptionally excellent equipment and sanitation gives Bingham's special advantages not enjoyed by another school in america. S. Westray Battle, M.D., U.S. Navy. James A. Burroughs, M.D. John Hey Williams, A.M., M.D.  Wm. D. Hilliard, M.D."
soa0086.jpg (237716 bytes)
page 110
soa0110 Advertisements, vi
Bon Marche. Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Ladies and Gents Furnishings, Materials for Artistic Needle-Work, 37 South Main St., Asheville, N.C..
Barker's First-Class Ladies and Gents Oyster and Dining Parlor. Tropical Fruits, Confectionery, Etc. 50 S. Main St., Asheville, N.C.
Tourists and Visitors will find it to their interest to call at Morgan's Book Store for fine Stationery, Novels, Magazines and late issues of Bound Books. Largest Stock and Lowest Prices, J.N. Morgan & Co., No. 3 Public Square [Pack Square]
L.A. Farinholt, Real Estate Broker and Notary Public. Buys and sells Real Estate on commission. Prompt attention to renting and collecting. Placing loans on Real Estate a speciality. No. 20 Patton Avenue, Asheville, N.C. Refers to the National Bank of Asheville, Western Carolina Bank and the Battery Park Bank..
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page 111 vii soa0111 Advertisement, vii
Souvenirs and Booklets of all sorts will be gotten up for places of resort, at the mountains or by the sea-shore. Also for railroads, real estate dealers, manufacturers, or agencies. Special advertisements written for merchants, in prose or verse, at short notice. Orders for 'Asheville ; or, The Sky-Land' promptly filled. Any parties wishing to be represented in the advertising department of this Souvenir future editions, will write for terms. H.A. Sawyer, (Author of this Souvenir,) 3402 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo."
soa0111r.jpg (186661 bytes)
page 112
soa0112 Advertisements, vii
"The Sawyer Sunday Blocks and the Sawyer Sunday Cards. By Mrs. Harriet Adams Sawyer. The Bible Story of Joseip. Consisting of 48 Beautiful colored illustrations, which give the children facilities for bright and happy as well as profitable hours on Sunday." ... Mr. H.A. Sawyer, 3402 Washington Av., St. Louis, Mo.
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page 113
soa0113r Advertisements, ix
"Corticelli is the Ne Plus Ultra of Knitting Silks. Its fibre is perfect, it finish is brilliant, and its durability is unexcelled. Persian dye, fast colors, for knitting and embroidering, for laces and macreme work, it is the acme of perfection. Manufactured at the Greatest Silk Works in the World. Corticelli Silk Mills, Jobbing salesroom: 415 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. C.H. Sampson, Agent. Send 3-2 Cent Stamps for "Home Needle Work." 70 Page Elegantly and Profusely Illustrated." ...
soa0113r.jpg (201151 bytes)
page 114
soa0114r Advertisements, x
"The Armour Packing Co., Station A. Kansas City, Mo. Specialists in all Meat Food Products. 'There is no higher art than that which tends toward the improvement of human food.' [quote by] Henry Ward Beecher...."
soa0091.jpg (202803 bytes)
page 115
soa0115r Advertisements, xi
McCape House. A large, well-built, brick house, pleasantly and centrally located, with fine views on all sides. A generous , good table, Northern and Southern Cooking. Farm Supplies from Proprietor's Plantation. House Thoroughly Heated by Steam in Winter. Terms Per week, from $8.00 tp $10.00 for single rooms. $15.00 to $20.00 for double rooms, occupied by two persons. Apply to C.T. McCape, 24 Grove Street, off Patton Av.
Ravenscroft High School for Boys. Asheville, N.C. Ronald MacDonald, B.A. (Oxford) Head Master. Ravenscroft High School for Boys will commence its sixth year, being the fourth under Mr. MacDonald's  management, in September, 1892. The school owes its existence to the North Carolina Diocesan Conventions in 1886 and 1887, which aimed to supply the general demand for a Diocesan Classical School of a high character. The number of scholars is at present more than three times as great as the Head Master found in the school when it first came into his hands in the autumn of 1889. The work done has been satisfactory, the average marks showing a steady rise. [Extract from the address of the Bishop of North Carolina at the Convention of the Diocese, 1891.] 'I was much cheered and encouraged by the increasing prosperity of Ravenscroft High School for Boys. Under the wise, able and judicious management of Mr. MacDonald, there has been a constant advance, and now the School has won for itself a very high reputation, and has secured the utmost confidence on the part of those whose sons have been enjoying its privileges. I feel quite sure that no more thorough and admirable school has ever been established in our State, and now its triumphant success seems fully assured. Parents may indeed consider it a high privilege to have their sons surrounded by influences so salutary and elevating, and where the training of mind, body and spirit are alike so constantly regarded. ...'The school will need no further commendation to secure all the pupils who, under our present arrangements, can possibly be accommodated.'"
soa0092.jpg (240028 bytes)
page 116
soa0116r Advertisements. xii
"Richmond and Danville Railroad. The only rail line to Asheville and Hot Springs, N.C.. Through Pullman Vestibuled Sleepers from New York, Philadelphia and Washington to Asheville and Hot Springs, Without Change. VIA  Danville, Greensboro and Salisbury. only 25 hours New York to Asheville ; 18 hours Washington to Asheville ; 28 hours Jacksonville to Asheville ; 10 hours Augusta to Asheville ; 10 hours Atlanta to Asheville ; 26 hours New Orleans to Asheville. The Great Washington and Southwestern Vestibuled Limited. Comprising the most recent Pullman Sleeping and Hotel Cars between Washington and Atlanta with through Sleepers, New York to New Orleans, and Washington to Memphis. Three train, ALL DAILY, each way between the East, South and Southwest. W.H. Green, General Manager, Sol. Haas, Traffic Manager. Atlanta, GA. Jas. L. Taylor, General Passenger Agent, Atlanta, Ga. W.A. Turk, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt., Charlotte, N.C. "
soa0093.jpg (196246 bytes)
page 117
soa0117r Advertisements, xiii
" Elevation 2,500 Feet. Location of U.S. Weather Bureau. The Hotel Belmont, Asheville, N.C. (Formerly known as 'Asheville Sulphur Springs Hotel.' See Illustration on page 71. Fire Proof, New Brick Structure of 200 Rooms ... Sulphur and Iron Springs ... The best orchestra (of seven accomplished musicians) Brass band, large dance and concert pavilion ... the furnishings and equipment are entirely new ... services are first-class and second to none in Asheville ...'the best of everything at moderate rates' ...Special Electric Street Car from Depot and City to the Hotel every 20 minutes. ... Open all the year."
soa0094.jpg (230713 bytes)
page 118
soa0118r Advertisements, xiv
The Largest China Store in the State. When you visit 'The Land of the Sky,' you should make it a special point to visit the Crystal Palace.You will be interested by many choice and chaste productions from the Oriental Potteries. Our line consists principally of French China, Cut Glass, Art Pottery, Souvenirs, Fine Lamps, Glassware, Cutlery, and house furnishings generally. We extend to all a very cordial invitation to call and see our elegant store. Thad. W. Thrash & Co., 41 Patton Av., Asheville, N.C.. W.A. Blair, John H. McDowell, Blair & McDowell, Furniture Dealers and Undertakers, 45 Patton Av., Asheville, N.C."
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