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A selective of list of student research papers

All students in the History Department are required to write are required to write a senior paper or to produce a senior project to demonstrate competency as an history major. Ramsey Library Special Collections holds bound volumes of senior papers from 1995 to 2013. Papers since 2013 are held electonically. In addition, the History Department has identified a small number of papers to be made available for online viewing.

Papers after 2013 are available via NC Docks

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Fall 2018

Alvis, Allyson -- A "Happy Application" of Fascism: How Dopolavoro Manipulated an Entire Nation ; can copy/ cannot publish

Blas, Sebastian Arturo -- A Black Legend: Frey Nicolas de Ovando and the Enconienda of the Atlantic World ; can copy/publish

Brown, Dakota -- ᏚᏘᏱ to Snowbird: Education, Assimilation, and Integration of Cherokee in the Snowbird Community, 1932-1965 ; can copy/publish

Clancy, Alan -- Patriotism, Profit, and the Derby Privateers: Patriotic Capitalism in the American Revolution ; can copy/publish

Gortney, Jacob -- "The Bakersville Riot": How the Small Town of Bakersville NC Debunked Appalachian Stereotypes ; can copy/publish

Gray, David -- "On Strike! Shut It Down!" The 1968 Revolution for Minority Education at San Francisco State ; can copy/publish

Harden, Timothy -- Evolution of a Martyr: Tracking the Legend of the Cherokee Folk Hero Tsali ; can copy/publish

Keller, Frankie -- "Health Resort" or Hell?: A Study of Asheville's Historic Mental Institution, Highland Hospital ; can copy/publish

Koch, Jeffrey -- Russo-Japanese War: The Image of Japan and a Shock to the World ; can copy/publish

McDevitt, Tyler -- "Political Agendas Driving Rights Limitations:" A Look at the Effects Prohibition and the War on Drugs Had On Limiting 4th Amendment Proctections ; can copy/publish

Mitchell, Joe -- "Hacker History" The Story of the Modern Wizard Priest ; can copy/publish


Spring 2018

Bennett, Mikayla -- A Glimmer of Light in the Great Depression: Women's Agency at the Southern Highland Craft Guil in the 1930s and 1940s ; can copy/publish

Bone, Julia -- "Wir Sind Hier!" (We Are Here!): The Impact of 1940s and 1950s African American Media Representation on the Visibility of the German "Brown Babies" ; can copy/publish

Branson, Natalie -- Overcrowded, Overworked and Mistreated: An Investigation into the 1968 Central Prison Riot ; can copy/publish

Bretan, Evan -- Douglas Ellington and the City of his Buildings ; can copy/publish

Carringer, Haylee -- The Origins of Big Pharma in the New South: Edwin W. Grove and Fred Seely ; can copy/publish

Clements, Tyler -- Sixties Film and the Year Hollywood Changed ; can copy/publish

Dossett, Jordan -- The Election of Harold Ford: Biracial Politics in Memphis ; can copy/publish

Gironda, Giovanni -- "How Do They Do It That Way?": Female Autonomy Through Music of the 1920s and 1930s can copy/publish

Griffen, Garrett -- "Who is Ireland's Enemy?" Irish Nationalism in the First World War ; can copy/publish

Hacker, Cora -- Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Evolution of Spirit Communiction from Seances to Spirit Photography in Nineteenth Century America ; can copy/publish

Jarvis, Carrie -- "The Value of a Woman." A Comparitive Study of the Rapid Development of the Textile Industry in the American South and China from 1890-1939 ; can copy/publish

Murphy, Anna Rebecca -- "All The King's Men": Shifts in Twentieth Century Masculinity as Portrayed in Adaptations of T. H. White's The Once and Future King Series ; can copy/publish

O'Neill, Michaella -- Marie Antoinette and Politics: How She Made Personal Decisions Regarding Her Lifestyle Choices into Political Statements ; can copy/publish

Pope, Nicholas -- The Challenges of Hmong Refugees in American and the Hmong Community in Rural North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Roberson, Kiera -- Socioeconomic Subordination and Misogyny in the Progressive Left: Women at Black Mountain College, 1933-1957 ; can copy/publish

Stephens, Abigail -- HIV in Appalachia ; can copy/publish

Torres, Liz -- Cultural Nationalism and COINTELPRO: How Government Policy Brought Down the Young Lords Party ; can copy/publish

Von Henner, Austin -- The 1964 Civil Rights Act: A Story of Part Continuity ; cannot copy/publish

Widner, Brandon -- "Riot and Bloodshed on the Street": The Asheville Election Riot and Reconstruction Era Politics in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2017

Amos, Catherine -- This is the German New Woman: Early 20th Century Discourse on the German Modern Girl and the Ideological Construction of Transnational Women's Identities ; can copy/publish

Campbell, Conrad -- The Portrayal of the FARC-EP: How the Group was Inaccurately Reported in United States Newspapers ; can copy/publish

Cogan, Ally -- The Allen School and the Contradicting Philosophies Surrounding the Education of Black Communities as They Apply to Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Euchner, Catherine -- Citizens Against Clearcutting the Asheville Watershed: The Impact of Community Response on Commons Environmentalism in Asheville, N.C. ; can copy/publish

Fauerbach, Amber -- An Alternative Experience of World War One ; can copy/publish

Gerber, Chad William El-Khouri -- Clarence Poe and the Mobilization of The Progressive Farmer During World War I ; can copy/publish

Henderson, Christian -- The Silent Killer of 1918: The Devastating Effects of the 1918-1920 Spanish Influenza Pandemic in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Hodges, Lawrence -- A New Deal "School of the Woods" was a Good Deal for the Boys of the Civilian Conservation Corps ; can copy/publish

Killian, Rachel -- "Nothing in her bag but two rags": Midwives, Nurses and Public Health Intervention in African American Communities in North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Kroeger, Martin -- Buddhism in America: Dharmapala's Struggle to Introduce Buddhism to the American People and Media ; can copy/publish

Schoenberg, Benjamin-- The Upper French Broad Defense Association, A Moment When American Democracy Worked; can copy/publish

Shaw, Emily -- Carolina Mountain Club: Preserving the Outdoors for Future Generations ; can copy/publish

Walsh, Casey -- The South Versus Rock 'n' Roll: From Foe to Friend ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2016

Bernatzky, Alexander -- Chadao and Chanoyu: A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Tea Culture by Chinese and Japanese Elite Society as a Prestige Tool ; can copy/publish

Eberhart, Tess -- The Blending of Public and Private Interests in Urban Development in 1920s Asheville ; can copy/publish

McDaniel, Tammy -- Choose Your Friends Wisely: Filibuster William Walker's Fall from Power; can copy/publish

McGhee, Ashley -- We Can't Make a Living by Hiking: The Rise and Fall of Wilderness in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Nowland, Robert -- The Game of United States Diplomacy within the Ottoman Empire: Hoe the United States' Interests in the Ottoman Empire Delayed its Entrance into the Great War ; can copy/publish

Randall, Patrick -- "Let Everything I Have Done, Said, or Forgotten but This": The Influence of Money, Honor, and Property in Edmund Burke's East India Company Policy ; can copy/publish

Spano, Bethany -- Breaking Racial Barriers: Black Student-Athletes Attending Western North Carolina Schools During the 1960s ; can copy/publish

Williams, Dustin Eric -- "Do it for Your Grandchildren". A Missed Opportunity: The Legacy of the Redress Movement's Divide ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2016

Aardema, Katherine A. -- "The Wandering Minstrel", Bascom Lamar Lunsford, The Ambassador of Folk Festivals ; can copy/publish

Bacon, Heather -- The Friendship Nine, Challenging Segregation One Seat at a Time ; can copy/publish

Barnett-Lawrence, Jane -- Dummies on the British Home Front: Decoys that Protected the UK During World War II ; can copy/publish

Brown, Caleb-- In With the New Heroes and Out With the Old: The Story of Charlie Justice ; can copy/publish

Cowart, Christopher -- "There's is in fact no such thing as art for art's sake": The Role of 'Scar Literature' in China's Cultural Memory of Mao Zedong ; can copy/cannot publish

Gartz, Melany Lynn -- A Playground for the Privileged: The Appalachian and Wonderland Clubs in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park ; can copy/publish

Jacobius, Allie -- "Our Business is Not to Look Back But to Look Ahead": The Bengal Famine of 1943 ; can copy/publish

Moore, Cameron -- Unification vs Isolation: The Role of Church Government in Protestant Responses to Integration in North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Sayles, Kipling -- "We'd Like White Support but We'll Do Our Own Thing Regardless": The Ideology of Black Power and the 1969 Chapel Hill Food Workers Strike ; can copy/cannot publish

Sowder, Hugo -- "In Defense of My Country" Slavery, Secession, Civil War and the Students who Served the Confederacy from the University of North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Workman, Candice -- "They call him Bracero..." The Quest for Economic Stability through the Bracero Program ;  can copy/publish

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Fall 2015

Cable, Kayla -- "The Insane and Other Defectives": Dr P. L. Murphy and the Enactment of the Colony System at the State Hospital in Morganton ; can copy/publish

Cutshall, Katherine Calhoun -- In the Grip of Slavery: The Rise of a Slave Society Surrounding the Establishment of Stock Stands along the Buncombe Turnpike, 1790 to 1855 ; can copy/publish

Eck, Montana -- Colonel Alexander Boyd Andrews: "Hero" of the Western North Carolina Railroad ; can copy/publish

Engel, Laura Fugate -- "Now Mining Coal is for the Big Boys": Agency and Adaptation in the Changing Culture of Tazewell County ; can copy/publish

Suskauer, Adrian -- "Shakespeare on a Shoestring": A History of the Montford Park Players ; can copy/publish

Young, Jarrell Hampton -- Reconstructing an Identity: Critical Reexamination of the Historical Legacy of John Walter Stephens an Advocate for Social Equality During Reconstruction who was Assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2015

Barker, Dakota -- The Peaceful Warrior: General Hugh B. Hester ; can copy/publish

Byrd, Hailey -- "Love of God is Love of Neighbor": The Importance of Community in the Spiritual Visions of Catherine of Siena and Angela of Foligno ; cannot copy/publish

Carsey, Simon -- Nazi Propaganda for an American Audience ; can copy/publish

Dacey, Joshua Stephen -- "The Moment I Stepped Into Asheville, I Felt a Connection. I Can't Really Explain It": Julian Price and the Revival of Downtown Asheville ; can copy/publish

DiAngelo, James -- Oliver Ellsworth and the Crafting of a Nation ; cannot copy/publish

Dlesk, Beatrice Marie -- Warring Models of Femininity: An Examination of the Iconography and Gender Representation of Mary I and Elizabeth I ; can copy/publish

Gregory, June -- Tripping on Hairpins: Vidal Sasson's Embodiment of Muscular Judaism ; can copy/publish

Kirkland, Andrew -- The Art Looting Investigation Unit: A Deeper View into United States Lt. S. Lane faison's Interrogation Reports and Nazi Art Looter Dr. Hermann Voss ; cannot copy/publish

MacQuatters, Martha R. -- The Alexanders and Their Inn: A Demonstration of a Backcountry Business Model in the Creation of Modern Tourism in Buncombe County ; can copy/cannot publish

McDaniel, Jason -- A Battle for Justice: A Study of the Politics Surrounding the Medieval Catholic Church's Involvement in the Trail by Ordeal ; cannot copy/publish

Newberry, William Alley -- Public Health, Birth Control and Progressive Reform in North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Rumfelt, Jordan -- Everett Case: Coach, Innovator, Businessman ; can copy/publish

Weston, Brooke -- The Pineland School, Mrs. Mollie Jones, and the Progressive Roots of Salemburg, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Whaley, Nicholas -- Skewed Identity and Cordial Enemies: World War I Flying Aces ; can copy/publish

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Albala, Owain -- From Classrooms to Courtrooms: An Analytical View o f the Struggles of Homosexual Teachers in America, 1950-1977 ; can copy/publish

Aughe, Brannon Ernest -- The Road to Happiness: Paternalism in Canton's Champion Paper and Fibre Company ; can copy/publish

English, Justin -- Western North Carolina Baptists in the 1920's Evolution Debate ; can copy/publish

Gillespie, Hallie -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Paradoxical Reactions Reactions of North Carolinians to the Third Reich, 1933-1941 ; can copy/publish

Goettge, Kevin -- The Good and the Bad: The Public's Image of Muhammad Ali ; can copy/publish

Hall, Pierce -- Collierism and Communism in North Carolina: The American Indian Federation's Attack on the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 in the Qualla Boundary ; can copy/publish

Hunt, Justin -- Fighting for India: Views of Winston Churchill on Indian Independence ; can copy/publish

Johnson, Kathryn L. -- Sparks of Modernity in Asheville Infrastructure: Perceptions of the Electric Street Car ; can copy/publish

Johnston, Hagen -- The Moravian Mission: propagation of the Gospel among the Cherokee Indians in Georgia and North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Knight, Virginia -- "The Answer to Laundry in Space": The Rise and Fall of the Paper Dress in 1960s American Fashion ; can copy/publish

Nash, Ashleigh -- "Birthright of Honor and Chivalry": Promoting Participation and Healing Sectionalism in North Carolina during World War I ; can copy/publish

St. Angelo, Luke -- "Rather Death than the Montagne": Roots of Federalist Revolts of 1793 in Revolutionary France ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2013

Beresford, Chelsea -- Undergraduates in Iniquity: Views of the Commons and the Poor in Reports of the Board of Agriculture in Britain ; can copy/publish

Criss, Elliot -- The Desegregation of Major League Baseball by Position and the Negro Leagues ; can copy/publish

Fontaine, Samuel -- Prince Henrey 'the Navigator': Representations of a Pre-Modern Figure in the Estado Novo, Portugal 1933-1974 ; can copy/publish

Giordano, Mick -- More Than a Game: The Contributions of Black Athletes in the First Years of Desegregation in North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Henderson, Lyndsey -- Better and Better Service for Humanity: The National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses and Integration in Nursing ; can copy/publish

Hilton, Rachel -- Revolutionizing the Instrument & the Genre: the Scruggs Impact on Bluegrass ; can copy/publish

McIntosh, Robert -- Guilford Courthouse Military Park: How the Guilford Battle Ground Company and Federal Government Impacted Tourism ; can copy/publish

Marquis, David -- A Time When the Law Should be Broken: The Brotherhood of Timber Workers Struggle for Recognition in the Deep South ; can copy/publish

Massey, Stewart L. -- Upper French Broad "Dam Fighters!": The Upper French Broad Defense Association ; can copy/publish

Thomas-Hill, Corlee -- Character Building Projects: Class and Clubs of the Asheville YWCA During the Depression ;can copy/publish

Wiley, David L. -- Common Ground: The Land Question and Multi-Racial Class Consciousness in Early Twentieth Century Oklahoma ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2013

Brown, Stephanie -- "Hear That Racket Down There? That's Your French Broad.": The Eternal Connection Between Wilma Dykeman and the French Broad River; can copy/publish

Campbell, Kevin -- Secret Agent Man: The Hidden History of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League and its Undercover Agents ; can copy/publish

Capes, Shannon -- The Influence of the R. J. Reynolds Family on 20th Century Winston-Salem ; can copy/ cannot publish

Gentile, Nicole A. -- "Judge Me For My Own Merits": A Comparison of how Historiography in the Women's History Movement Affected the Reexamination of the Marquise du Chatelet and Madame de Graffigny ; can copy/publish

Chauvin, Alexandra -- "Now We Come to the Jew Again": Anti-Semitism, the Men and Religion Forward Movement, and Moral Politics in the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill Strike of 1914-15 ; can copy/publish

Glenn-Bradley, Amanda -- "It Cannot Be Helped": Racial Stratification in Jerome and Rohwer, Arkansas During World War II ; can copy/publish

Keefauver, Sharon C. -- Crafting a Homespun Image: Fred Seely and Biltmore Industries, 1917 to 1942 ; can copy/publish

Leonhardt, Sara -- "Plague of Locusts": An Analysis of Sectional Issues in a Time of Disfranchisement ; can copy/publish

Ludwig, Brent Paul -- A New Anheuser-Busch: A Study on Prohibition and its Effects on the King of Beers ; can copy/publish

Martin, Andrew J. -- "A Spirit of Riot and Insubordination": Politics in Early Nottingham Luddism 1811-1812 ; can copy/publish

Moore, Elizabeth -- "In France, By France": How the Republic Struggles to Recognize its Responsibility for Two Atrocities Committed in its Name ; can copy/ cannot publish

Morton, Garrett -- "How Shall We Eliminate It": Edward Lowinsky and the Black Mountain College Integration program ; can copy/publish

Peterson, Jeanie -- Local Extension Agents Support Rural African American Independence in Durham County North Carolina 1935-1942 ; can copy/publish

Purinai, Andrew -- A Battle in the War on Poverty: The Choanoke Region 1961-1968 ; can copy/publish

Wilson, Clara -- "A Great Deal of Satisfaction Out of Public Service": The Life and Work of Walter Damtoft ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2012

Brannum, Keith -- The Victory Without Laurels: The French Military Tragedy in Algeria (1954-1962) ; can copy/publish

Brooks, Joshua -- The Art of Remaining Useful: How to Maintain a Successful Career in the Circus ; cannot copy/ can publish

Craven, Jenatha -- "You Just Kick Their Ass!": Combating Chinese Stereotypes in the Golden Age of Kung Fu Cinema ; can copy/publish

Daley, Brittany -- Winning the Losing Battle: Prohibition in Asheville, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Ervin, Michael -- "A Powder Keg That Could Very Easily Explode": Race, Paternalism, and Protest in Morganton, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Espitia, Phillip Joel -- "Knit Your Bit": Women, The Home front and Consumerism in North Carolina During the Great War ; can copy/publish [Bound with 2013 papers]

Farmer, Katina -- Rejecting the Mold: The Quest for Individualism Among Twentieth Century Pastors' Wives ; cannot copy/ can publish

Gerontakis, Steven -- AHEPA vs. the KKK Greek-Americans on the Path to Whiteness ; can copy/publish

James, Ariel -- A Sense of Her Importance: Cornelia Philips Spencer ; can copy/publish

Ledford, Jonathan -- An Explosive Affair: The Acquittal of Congressman Daniel Sickles ; can copy/publish

Lytle, Nathanael B. -- Lesson Learned: The East Riverside Project, Asheville, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Norris, Taylor -- The Flood of 1916, Asheville's Epic Flood, The Long-term Economic Backlash to the City and its People ; can copy/publish

Sager, Molly -- The Mall That Almost Ate Asheville. The Fight Between City Hall and Save Asheville Inc. Over the Strouse, Greenberg & Company Downtown Commercial Complex ; can copy/publish

Shelley, Randy -- Dr. Robert Fishburne Campbell: Son of the South, Man of God, and Voice of Racial Progress ; can copy/publish

Summitt, Hannah -- Lintheads, White Trash, and the Best People: Gaston and Mecklenburg Mill Villagers' Complex Self Perceptions ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2012

Armstrong, Sarah Lewis -- The Good War: Life in Civilian Public Service Camp #108 ; can copy/publish

Carver, Abigail Hope -- The Sandy Mush Rural Health Study: Helpful Health Clinic or Laboratory for Cultural Experimentation? ; can copy/publish

Connor, Joshua -- The Black Church, the Fear of Insurrection and the North Carolina Act of 1831 ; can copy/publish

Greene, Justin -- Oliver Max Gardner's Live-At-Home Program: An Analysis Concerning its Compatibility with Hoover's Agricultural Marketing Act ; can copy/publish

Hines, Andrew -- "A Park Upon a Lofty Peak": Mount Mitchell and the Movement for North Carolina's First State Park; can copy/publish

Hollamon, Westley Michael -- Outlaws and Game Wardens: The Struggle between Duck Hunters and Conservationists in Coastal Carolina ; can copy/publish

Jones, Nicole -- The Stovall Period of Settlement Work at Hazel Green Academy, 1928-1966 ; can copy/publish

Maren-Hogan, Mesha -- The Appalling Appeal of the Octoroon: The Shifting Status of Mixed Race Prostitutes in Early Twentieth Century New Orleans ; can copy/publish

Paulin, Hannah Ritter -- Homosexuality and the Holocaust ; can copy/publish

Roddy, Landon B. -- USS Asheville and the Road to War in the Pacific ; can copy/publish

Sarkisov, Boris -- American Workers and the Kuzbas Experiment ; can copy/publish

Sechrest, Lillian -- "Because We Said So": U.S. - Honduran Foreign Policy 1900-1933 ; can copy/publish

Sharp, Kelley -- Ice Pick Through the Eye: A Narrative History of Lobotomy in America ; can copy/publish

Stone, Richard -- "Shew Yourselves to be Freemen": Quakers, Presbyterians and the North Carolina Regulators ; can copy/publish

Ward. Isaac -- Erosion of Solidarity: The Conflict Between the Asheville Central Labor Union and the Enka Rayon Workers Local 2598 ; can copy/publish

Wilson, Monica -- The Marion Strike and the Massacre of 1929 ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2011

Angel, Amber -- Wore to the Bone and Bloody: the Cherokee Freedmen's Struggle for Equality ; can copy/publish

Buchanan, Ginger -- Public Opinion and Law in Asheville: "It is in the health that cities grow...It is in disease that they are wrecked." ; can copy/publish

Cole, Rachael -- Revolution and Influence: St. Domingue and the United States, 1798-1803 ; can copy/publish

Crane, Adam -- The Grassroots Defense of the French Broad River Basin ; can copy/publish

Duchac, Adam -- Wheels of Modernity: The Twenty-Fifth Bicycle Corps ; can copy/publish

Galatioto, Courtney -- A Dichotomy: Ideals versus Implementation in Urban Housing Welfare Policy and Implementation in 1940s Chicago, Illinois ; can copy/publish

Gray, Emily -- Seven Strikers Dead: An Introspective into the Mill Village of Honea Path, South Carolina ; can copy/publish

Gregory, Shannon -- Reaction Misconception: White Reaction to the Selma to Montgomery March ; can copy/publish

Grim, Andy -- "The Changes May Look Good, But The Pain Will Be Hard To Erase": Urban Renewal and Community Response in Asheville, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Lee, Ameliah -- The Knights of the Golden Circle: Reality or Paranoia? ; can copy/publish

Manzo, Robert -- D.H. Lawrence Driven Into Madness: The Effect of Lawrence's Failed Relationship with John Middleton Murry on Lawrence's Career ; can copy/publish

Ng, Carolyn -- Madam Chiang Kai-Shek United States Tour: Setting the Tone for Sino American Relations ; can copy/publish

Reid, Jessica -- Media, Bias and the Greensboro Massacre ; can copy/publish

Such, Justin -- The Korean War and the Reshaping of the American Political System ; can copy/publish

Walker, Corey -- One Man Nation: William Augustus Bowles and the Indian State of Muskogee ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2011

Anthony, Joshua -- Political Disunion: Causes of the Failure of the Two-party System in Western North Carolina in the Antebellum South and the Rise of the Democrat Controlled State ; can copy/publish

Brame, DeAnn -- Desegregation in North Carolina Higher education Institutions of Learning: UNC Asheville and Surrounding Colleges ; can copy/publish

Curran, Frank -- The Olympics and International Relations: A Study of the Adherence to the Goals of Baron Pierre de Coubertin ; can copy/publish

Dozier, Jessica -- Henderson County's Jewish Community in the Twentieth Century ; can copy/publish

English, Melanie -- "We rush to it drooling at the mouth": Jonathan Williams and the Jargon Society ; can copy/publish

Garriel, Adrienne -- Government Occupation of Hotels in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Jizi, Malik Bahaa -- The Beirut Fair of 1921 and the Intersection of French Imperialism and Humanitarian Aims in the Middle East ; can copy/publish

Jones, Tucker -- Mountaineer Removal: The Only Humane Issue in the Establishment of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park ; can copy/publish

Jordan, Sally -- Charlotte Desegregation: A Black and White Issue? ; can copy/publish

Knauth, William W. -- The Effects of Politics on Greek Cultural in Transition from  the Classical  to Hellenistic Eras ;can copy/publish

Miller, Carrie Elizabeth -- Too Hearty for an Intriguer: Moderate Federalism, the XYZ Fair, and the International Jurisprudence of the Early Marshall Court ; can copy/publish

Rhea, Campbell Colin -- The Pacific Scandal: Defending Macdonald's Nationalistic Agenda ; can copy/publish

Schnider, Meredith -- ¿Donde estan?: Women's Protest to the Pinochet Regime ; can copy/publish

Southern, Marcus -- Liebe deinen Nächsten: Love Thy Neighbor, Migration, Marriage and Assimilation Among Germans in Early North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Spears, Anna -- "Attractive Morons Abound in the Community:" The Eugenics Board, The Human Betterment League, and State-Sanctioned Sterilization in North Carolina 1929-1977 ; can copy/publish

Theovald, Charles Geoffrey -- A Look at the Ratification Debates and the Bill of Rights in North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Waddell, Daniel Dakota -- Your Reputation Precedes You, General: John C. Fremont's Fame, Notoriety and the Transcontinental Railroad's Path to the Pacific ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2010

Blake, William -- Journey of a Shunned People: The Ulster-Scots ; can copy/publish

Bond, Brandon -- Home Spun Fun: The Original Watkins Glen Grand Prix ; cannot copy/publish

Brown, Patrick -- Broadcasting Propaganda: Voice OF America's Role in The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 ; can copy/publish

Carpenter, Peter -- "False to the Past, False to the Present:" African American Pictorial Representation In High School Textbooks ; can copy/publish

Diepenbrock, Caroline  E. -- Beginning at Jerusalem in the Regions Beyond: Edward O Guerrant and the Southern Home Mission Movement ; can copy/publish

Ketchuck, Laura -- "Divided We Survive:" The Impact of Dissent on the Black Mountain College Community ; can copy/publish

Rayburn, David -- State of the Union: Politics and Polite Society Leading up to the Lyon-Griswold Fracas ; can copy/publish

Ridenour, Kelsey -- "Genocide in Mississippi": Mississippi's 1964 Sterilization Bill and SNCC's Response to It ; can copy/publish

Story, Emily -- "Floating: Workers, A Miserly Mill Owner, and Unsuccessful Attempts to Attract Immigrant Labor to Carolina Textile Mills at the Turn-of-the-Century ; can copy/publish

Wells-Layne, Virginia -- The Priest who Opposed the "Creatures:" Father Terence Caraher. Prostitution, Progressivism and the Nymphia in Turn-of-the-Century San Francisco ; can copy/publish

Wilkerson, Amanda -- Confronting the Consequences of Cultural Exchange: Post-Contact Oral Histories among the Kiowa and the Cherokee ; can copy/publish

Williams, Catherine -- The War of Northern Aggression: Conflict in the Urban League Movement ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2010

Benson, Ashleigh -- Waldensians of Valdese: Agriculture to Industrialization ; can copy/publish

Carney, Jessika Tawn -- "The Good Roads State:" The Resurrection and Proliferation of Chain Gang Labor in Twentieth Century North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Hall, Roy Edsel -- Local Color Ladies Set the Stage: Western North Carolina, Tourism, and a Regional Identity that Pays ; can copy/publish

Hampson, Chris -- Warren County and Environmental Justice: A Community Fighting Back ; can copy/publish

Harville, Misty -- Seventeenth Century Mudslinging: The Debate Over Free Grace and the Sermons of Dr. Tobias Crisp ; can copy/publish

Hicks, Greg -- An Uncivil War: The New York City Newsboys' Strike of 1899 ; can copy/publish

Jarrell, John -- America and the Prague Spring: The Role of the Government and Media of the United States  in the 1968 Soviet Decision to Invade Czechoslovakia ; can copy/publish

Karabell, Gabriel -- “We Have No Intention of Letting Things Get Out of Hand:” Rhetoric and Force in the Orangeburg Massacre, 1968 ; cannot copy/publish [Author's permission required]

Maloney, Carly Anne -- The Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance: Lesbians as Women and Women as Lesbians ; can copy/publish

McClure, Anna E. -- "Independence Calling": An Alternative History of the State of Franklin ; can copy/publish

Shaw, David -- Vietnam Through A New Lens ; can copy/publish

Shuford, Kevin -- The Right to Mount the People's Throne: Radical Whig Ideology and the Succession Debate in Late Seventeenth Century England ; can copy/publish

Wilmoth, Leaha -- A Tradition of Weaving: How Biltmore Industries Grew, Survived, and Thrived from 1917 to 1942;can copy/publish

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Allison, Sarah -- Helping the Hill-bound: Women's Work at Hindman and Pine Mountain Settlement Schools ; can copy/publish

Arrington, Leighann -- Motherhood and a Mission ; can copy/publish

Avots, Lauren -- "Building a Community...One Block at a Time:" Volunteers in Service to America ; can copy/publish

Ball, Fainn -- The Squire's Court in Asheville: the Search for Authenticity at the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival ;can copy/publish

Chapman, Alicia -- The Buncombe Turnpike and Its Impact on Western North Carolina's Drovers and Economy ; can copy/publish

Clarkson, Caroline -- The Rip Van Winkle State and the Whig Party ; can copy/publish

Carr, Elizabeth -- Japanese Prisoner of War Camps: Attitude, Medical Treatment & Survival ; can copy/publish

Champion, Erika -- Dr. Guion Johnson: One Woman’s Part in the Civil Rights Movement ; can copy/publish

Cole, Tim -- The White Spot Trail: Local Hiking Clubs and America’s Premier Footpath ; can copy/publish

Erickson, Kyle -- The Picture Books of Women's Liberation: Lollipop Power Press's Contribution to a Social Movement ; can copy/publish

Gibson, Jeremy M. -- "I Hold in My Hand:" J.B. Matthews, United Fronts, Lists, and the Origins of McCarthy Era Anti-Communism ; can copy/publish

Heady, Mary Morgana -- Grinds is Supported by Ease: Twentieth Century Women's Prescriptive Literature and its Relation to the Workforce ; can copy/publish

Jarrett, Aaron -- History and Memory: Changing Representations of Argentina's Dirty War Through Film ; can copy/publish

Leiderman, Stephanie -- An Experiment in Rural Living: The John C. Campbell Folk School, 1927-2009 ; can copy/publish

McGarity, Stephen -- "A Life in Scorn of the Consequences" Clarence Jordan's Incarnational Evangelism and the Civil Rights Movement ; can copy/publish

Michael, Doug -- Building Revolution in the South: The Southern Conference educational Fund and the New Communist Movement, 1968-1981 ; can copy/publish

Morrow, Alex -- The Ineffective Model of Urban Renewal: The Model City Program of Asheville, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Reuter, Katrina -- Women Under Torture: Medical Experiments from 1942 to 1943 ; can copy/publish

Robinson, Scot -- Making Good Men Better: The Influence of Freemasonry on the Development of Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Ryan, Erin Matthew -- Angles of Agitation: Lester Rodney's Various Approaches for Chipping Away at Baseball's Color Barrier ; can copy/publish

Seibel, Emily -- Nell Battle Lewis in the Progressive Era: Prison and Capital Punishment Reform ; can copy/publish

Wartman, Cord -- North Carolina's Hard Won Fight: Ratification of the Federal Constitution ; can copy/publish

Williams, Stanley -- "A Rout and a Slaughter": How The Russian Bear Went to Davy Jones' ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2008

Bittmann, Adam -- The Outer Banks: The People, Government and Change ; can copy/publish

Byrd, Maloree J. -- Feminine Power in a Patriarchal Society: A Case Study of Baubo ; can copy/publish

Carroll, Kelly -- North Carolina's Hidden Agenda: The Coerced Sterilization of Welfare Mothers in Post-War America ;can copy/publish

Cole, Stephen -- Texas Annexation: A Debate among Nations ; can copy/publish

Compton, Jeremy -- Unsung Heroes: The Overmountain Men ; can copy/publish

DeStefano, Frederick Joseph -- The Black Press: Reporting of Racial Incidents During World War II ; can copy/publish

Dobbelar, Avril V. -- "Indian Captivity" A Tool in the Battle for Souls and Power ; can copy/publish

Eaves, Kendra -- Information Library Science Training in the Information Age: How the Internet Changed the History of ILS Education ; can copy/publish

Forsman, Caroline -- Ravensbruck: The Women's Inferno ; can copy/publish

Hughes, Joshua -- Cassius Clay and Muhammad Ali ; can copy/publish

Knighton, James E. -- Tourism and its Modernizing Effects on Hendersonville, North Carolina 1879-1919 ; can copy/publish

Ludwick, Erin L. -- Charleston Girl's Boarding Schools in the Nineteenth Century ; can copy/publish

Luong, Julie -- The Rise of a New Saigon: Vietnamese Refugee Businesses in the Development of Little Saigon and Orange County, California ; can copy/publish

McCall, Alejandra -- Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam: The Expulsion of the Jesuits from Chile and their Journey into Exile ;can copy/publish

Osborne, Daniel -- A Million Dreams...One Bra Maidenform ; can copy/publish

Phillips, Amanda -- Fear Was All That Was Needed: The Communist Involvement in the Bonus March of 1932 ; can copy/publish

Pryer, Ashley -- Get Over It ! : The Story of How Fayetteville Needed Fort Bragg ; cannot copy/publish

Santos, Frederico - Cultural Imperialism Within the Methodist Missionary Movement in Brazil ; can copy/cannot publish

Simpkins, Michael -- Zion's Tributaries: Mormon Immigration and the Erosion of Communal Singularity ; can copy/publish

Tormey, Conor -- American Public Perception of Irish Neutrality During World War II ; can copy/publish

Wilson, Rebecca -- Education for Liberation: Malcolm X Liberation University ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2008

Barber, Joshua M. -- North Carolina Mining and the Failed Safety Legislation of 1897 ; can copy/publish

Barton, Ashely -- The Development of Cherokee Education During the Nineteenth Century ; cannot copy/publish

Blackmon, Chris -- Understanding the Red Guard Generation Mentality ; can copy/publish

Blaylock, Matthew -- Lake Junaluska: An Artificial Appalachian Community ; cannot copy/publish

Buell, Leah -- The Strength of the Inner Chamber Female Sericulture and its Effects on the Han Dynasty ; can copy/publish

Eidt, Erica -- Progress in the Struggle for Educational Equality: Have Mexican Americans Seen the Result? ; cannotcopy/publish

Fahey, Amy C. -- In Search of Knowledge: The Travel Accounts of Edward William Lane, Sophia Lane-Poole, Rifa‘a al-Tahawi, and Khayr al-Din al-Tunisi ; can copy/publish

Fedynak, Andrew -- The Development and Change of the Issues of Comic Book Creators' Rights: From the 1930s to the Present Era ; can copy/publish

Fulmer, Kimberly -- The Beginning of the End: The Strike of 1921 at Cannon Mills ; can copy/publish

Gross, Leah -- Strumming on the Old Banjo ; can copy/publish

Leonard, Drew -- The Same Path to a Different Place Women and the Repeal of Prohibition ; cannot copy/publish

Matoian, Catherine -- Influence of American Missionary Women in Turkey ; can copy/publish

McHugh, Lisa -- "A Brave Black Regiment" African-American Soldiers and Their White Commanding Officers in the 54th Massachusetts Voluntary Colored Infantry Regiment ; cannot copy/publish

Post, John T. -- Nicaragua, 1972: El Terremoto, el Revolución ; can copy/publish

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Allred, Rachel Ann -- The Negro Has Been Served Skunk on a Platter for So Long Half Dressed, It Is Time Now, For Him to be Served Steak: The Rent Strikes in Asheville's Public Housing Communities—December 1967 to March 1968 ; can copy/publish

Berger, Kristen Tyler -- The Belles of St. Mary's: A New Kind of Education for Southern Women in the 1850's ; can copy/publish

Bergland, Eric -- North West Company Fur Traders' Impressions of Native Americans and Alcohol ; can copy/publish

Bradley, Cindy -- "A Great National Sin" - Opposition to Dueling in Early National America ; can copy/publish

Estilow, Erich -- The North Carolina College for Negroes, the Veterans Administration, and The “G.I. Bill of Rights” ; can copy/publish

Garvey, Brendan -- Western North Carolina Whitewater ; can copy/publish

Gibert, Eleanor S. -- Shaving His Face is Easier than Changing His Faith: The Religious Reforms of Peter the Great ; can copy/publish

Greene, Bryan -- The Rock: The Legacy of North Carolina Motor Speedway ; can copy/publish

Griffin, Lee Ann -- "An Act of Wrong" : Opposition to the Annexation of Hawaii ; can copy/publish

Hallyburton, Jeff -- 40 Agencies and One Mule: The Unified Religious Tradition of African American Resistance 1920-1939 ; can copy/publish

Henson, Matthew -- The Atlanta Youth Murders and the Impact of the Media ; can copy/publish

Hildreth, Graham -- The Judgment of Fred Tayama and Exoneration of Harry Ueno: Intergenerational Perspective on the Revolt of Manzanar During the Japanese American Internment Era ; can copy/publish

Jones, Rachel -- Stacking the Deck: Indian Involvement in the Fight for Control of Fort Mackinac During the War of 1812 ; can copy/publish

Jordan, Carrie Alexandra -- Mendez v. Westminster: Documenting School Segregation; can copy/publish

Leonard, Dawn -- A Spoonful of Education Helps the Medicine Go Down: Dr. Hilla Sheriff Brings Public Service and education to Spartanburg County 1929-1940 ; can copy/publish

Lippard, Brittany Gray -- Wilma Dykeman: Battling the Waste of Resources ; can copy/publish

Matera, Heather R. -- The Social Power of Food: Food's Relationship to Gentility and Power for Eighteenth Century Americans ; can copy/publish

McHone, Laurel -- Prick Their Consciences: The Politicization of Sewing in America from the Nineteenth Century Through the Twentieth ; can copy/publish

Parker, Alyse -- The Development of Tourism in the Beautiful Sapphire Country: A History of the Toxaway Inn, 1903-1947 ; can copy/publish

Payne, Laura -- Sir Thomas Moore: A Manifold Man who Persecuted Reformists, Composed Humanist Literature and Became a Martyr in the Catholic Church ; can copy/publish

Payne, Tina Takoma -- Home Demonstration in North Carolina from 1920-1950: Revitalizing the North Carolinian Farm One Woman at a Time ; can copy/publish

Peters, Miranda L. -- Images of Vulgarity and Crudeness: European Opinions of American Eating Habits from 1810-1850 ; can copy/publish

Russell, Jessica -- Antebellum Anti-Catholicism in North Carolina: 1840-1860 ; can copy/publish

Shirkey, Nina -- A New Home in the South: A Look at German Immigrants and Their Responses to Southern Institutions on the Eve of the American Civil War ; can copy/publish

Stamper, Gregory -- For Christ and Country: The Vision and Ideals of William Pelley ; can copy/publish

Wallace, Jessica -- Becoming “All Things to All Men”: Jesuit Father Jean de Brébeuf as a Cultural Intermediary ; can copy/publish

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Baughn, Graham -- The Brink of War: Misconceptions and False Information during the Cuban Missile Crisis ; can copy/publish

Burnette, Jeremy -- Powdered Wigs to Buckskin: Mountain Men Aiding the Spread of Empire and Progression of Colonialism in the American West; can copy/publish

Dellinger, Steve L -- Jerusalem for Christmas: The EZF and the Foreign Office's Quest for Palestine in 1903-1917 England ; can copy/publish

Hicks, Dusty -- 'Tying the Knot': Marriage Traditions in Cherokee Society ; can copy/publish

McDougald, Boyce -- 'Kickers, Soreheads, and Cocked Hats': Mayor John H. Cathey's Fight for Asheville's New City Hall ; can copy/publish

Moss, Amina Joy -- A Croaker's Path: Charles A. Webb, a look into the reporting of Race Related Issues in the Asheville Citizen in 1923 ; can copy/publish

Sanders, Samantha -- Leonidas Polk's The Progressive Farmer: Remodeling Reconstruction ; can copy/publish

Segars, Wendy -- "Power to the Ice Pick": Remembering the Joan Little Murder Trial ; can copy/publish

Spoon, Jonathan -- Silent Mountains: The Silent Film Industry in Asheville from 1914 to 1921 ; can copy/publish

Whitton, Michael -- Overmountain Men: The Militia Leaders that Defeated Patrick Ferguson at King's Mountain ; can copy/publish

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Abbott, Max -- Technology of World War I and the Soldiers Who Experienced It ; can copy/publish

Austin, Ian -- Pastor Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement ; can copy/publish

Baker, Sarah -- Oranje zal Overwinnen: The Dutch Resistance to the German Occupation of World War II ; can copy/publish

Collins, Emily -- Eyes on God and Gold: The Importance of Religion during the Golden Age of Caribbean Piracy ; can copy/publish

Descieux, Kathryn -- Dianetics, Scientology, and the American People: America's Attitude Towards L. Ron Hubbard's Creation, 1950-1975 ; can copy/publish

DuMond, Jennifer -- The Archaic Korai Statues and The Women of Athens ; can copy/publish

Kastelberg, Karl -- German Nationalism and Identity During the Age of Unification ; can copy/publish

Keonig, Matthew -- Navajo Code Talkers: Forgotten Heroes of WWII ; can copy/publish

Laverdure, Brian Patrick -- Sabotaža: The Special Operations Executive's Involvement in the Yugoslav Civil War and Josip Broz Tito's Rise to Power ; can copy/publish

McFarland, Rochelle -- Photography: A Reflection of Society 1877-1914 ; cannot copy/publish

Norman, Megan -- A Community, A Permanent Asylum, A Refuge, and A Home - Broughton Hospital, Morganton, North Carolina 1883-1891 ; can copy/publish

Osment, Timothy Nane -- The Hatfields and the McCoys Aren't the Only Fight in Town: The 1960's War on 'The War on Poverty' In Pike County, Kentucky ; can copy/publish [Photographs included in the appendix are only available in the paper copy]

Pittman, Brandon -- The Other Soldiers: The Men and Women of the Medical Corps in WWII ; can copy/publish

Poag, Christina -- The Road to Nowhere: A Road Lost ; cannot copy/publish

Ross, Clifford Byron, II -- Rube Foster and Negro League Baseball as a Social Institution with Black Societies ; can copy/publish

Scott -Rosehart, Shannon -- A Reason to Fight: the Opposition to the ERA in North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Stone, Matthew -- Attempting to Take Out the Garbage: Senator Sam J. Ervin and the 'Law and Order' Syndrome ; can copy/publish

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Alspaugh, Brandon -- A Semiotic Analysis of the Menorah from the Period of the Nascent Israel to the Construction of the First Chanukah Menorah in Third-Century Alexandria ; can copy/publish

Andrews, Ben  -- For whose sake heaven and earth came into being": James, the Brother of Jesus and his Presence in Christianity ; can copy/publish

Ball, Lauren  -- Through the Rain: An Analysis of General Winfield Scott Hancock’s Role in the Battle of Williamsburg ; can copy/publish

Batten, Lisa -- Hard Times, Hard Work, and Young Men: The Civilian Conservation Corps and Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Blalock, Nathaniel -- Improving Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues and Family Relations ; can copy/publish

Braniecki, John -- Reading, Writing, and Revolution: education and Its Role in the Irish and American Bids for Independence ; can copy/publish

Brater, Ian D. -- ’The Grey Eyed Man of Destiny’ and the American Press: An Analysis of Antebellum American Media Influence upon the Filibustering Career of William Walker ; can copy/publish

Bristol, Justin  -- Asheville High School: A Grand Project Built During Asheville’s Population Explosion ; can copy/publish

Carlson, Rebecca -- More Than Family: B-17 Crews in WWII Europe ; can copy/publish

Dupont, Christina -- Trailer Slums to Suburban Paradise: The Golden Age of the Mobile Home ; can copy/publish

Ensley, Matthew -- ’I Hold in My Hand’: How Dr. Fredric Wertham Exposed the Comic Book Menace ; can copy/publish

Glazier, Philip -- Yellow Journalism and the USS Maine Explosion: An Analysis of Yellow Journalism’s Dominant Coverage of the USS Maine Explosion, and How It’s Coverage Affected the Traditional Press ; can copy/publish

Jones, Patricia C. -- Margaret and Emily Hughes, Victorian Colonists of the Cumberland Plateau: Their Life at Rugby, Tennessee ; can copy/publish

Jordan, Carol Fronckowiak -- Treatment with a Habit: Asheville, Tuberculosis and The Sisters of Mercy ; can copy/publish

Lancaster, Emily -- Granny Metcalf Meets Florence Nightingale: The Medical Settlements of Pine Mountain Settlement School ; restricted: if published in any form, certain quotations must be darkened

LeFebvre, Rainer -- Sealing the Fate of American Radicalism: The Communist Party of the USA during the Second World War ; can copy/publish

Mullen, Brendan -- The Trials of Wilbur Hobby: ‘Everything I Did, I Did For the Union ; can copy/publish

Naylor, Jackie -- 'As Always You Prove Your Loyalty to Us Girls': Fred Seely’s Attitude Towards Women in the Workforce and in education ; can copy/publish

Queen, Arlis O, Jr. -- The Homefront and Women of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee During the American Civil War ; can copy/publish

Stites, Lydia Gretchen -- A Study of Loyalist Experiences Within Massachusetts and Connecticut ; cannot copy/publish [Author stipulates she needs to be contacted before publication]

Sturdevant, Joshua Slocum -- Common Underpinnings, Shared Beliefs: Mormonism and Masonry ; can copy/publish

Tate, William C. -- And Here They Come to the White Flag: The Piedmont-Triad’s Role in Early NASCAR History: 1940-1958 ; can copy/publish

Whisnant, Heather -- Poor White Trash: The Legacy of Carrie Buck and Eugenical Sterilization in the United States ;can copy/publish

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Ambro, Davis-Paul Shane  -- The Planting and Uprooting of the Church: An Analysis of the Origin and Change of the Nature of the Church During 33-200 CE ; can copy/publish

Amico, Sarah -- The Creation of the North Carolina Museum of Art ; can copy/ cannot publish

Armstrong, David -- Tourism in Cherokee, North Carolina From 1910 to 1930 ; can copy/publish

Atwell, Jared -- The Work of a Super-Patriot: Allen Zoll and the National Council for American Education ; can copy/publish

Bentley, Melissa -- The Van Eeden Settlement: Alvin Johnson's Attempt to Rescue Jewish Refugees and Turn the Tide Of American Public Opinion in Favor of Jewish Resettlement In the 1930s and 1940s ; can copy/publish

Breitschwert, Edward Brett -- The Dred Scott Decision and the Democratic Party in 1857 ; can copy/publish

Buchanan, Ben -- Ben Hooper's Crusade For Prohibition Law Enforcement ; can copy/publish

Carson, Homer Shannon, III -- Penal Reform and the Construction of the Western North Carolina Railroad 1875-1892 ;can copy/publish

Chapman, Jennifer -- Rural to Modern: The Shift From Agriculture to Industry in the Enka Community and the Enka Plant's Uniqueness in its Concern for Their Women Employees ; can copy/publish

Clay, Isaac Starr -- 'A Long Way From Guns to Shoes': The Winston-Salem Chapter of the Black Panthers Party ; can copy/publish

Conner, Jessie -- The Introduction of Slavery Into the Moravian Community Through the Eyes of the Records of the Moravians in Antebellum Salem, North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Coolik, Daniel -- Moonshine Reception: On the Air with Wonderful Western North Carolina (WWNC) in the 1920s and 1930s ; can copy/ cannot publish

Councell, Gail -- The Ties That Bind: Unionization Attempts in Roanake Rapids, N.C.; How the TWUA and J.P. Stevens Battled to Claim Worker Representation ; can copy/publish

Fryar, James -- Asheville City School Board: Efforts to Successfully Desegregate the School System ; can copy/publish

Gehris, Granville -- Francis Marion: As Seen By the British Military Perspective ; cannot copy/publish [Author stipulates he needs to be contacted before publication. Paper unavailable in bound form]

Gibson, Tyson Gray -- A Loss in the Community: Integration and the End of a Unique educational Heritage ; can copy/publish

Gilmer, Robert -- Chickasaws, Tribal Laws, and the Mississippi Married Women's Property Act of 1839 ; can copy/publish

Grantmyre, Laura -- The Attacks on the Highlander Folk School: A White Supremacist Response to Anti-Racist Activism ; can copy/publish

Harmon, Kelly -- A Period of Deceit: The Patent Medicine Business Between 1865 and 1906 ; can copy/publish

Hicks, Martha -- Space Promotion Throughout the Media, Collier's Magazine, and Disney with Wernher Von Braun, 1940's - 1960's ; can copy/ cannot publish

Iglesias, Loralee Kendall -- Colonel Joseph Cathy of Haywood County, North Carolina: Nineteenth Century Merchant, Entrepreneur, and Community Leader ; can copy/publish

Jaksa, S. Nick -- Louis Sockalexis: An Analysis of the Media Coverage Given to Baseball's First Native American ;can copy/publish

Johnson, Melissa -- Historic Preservation of Sacred Spaces in the Late 20th Century ; can copy/ cannot publish

Johnston, Rita -- Boon or Bane?: How the Speculation Land Company Affected Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Kirchner, Matthew Michael -- The Carolina Mountain Club's Campaign to Create Shining Rock Wilderness Area ; can copy/publish

Kohler, Gary Wayne Jr. -- Western North Carolina During the Civil War ; can copy/ cannot publish

Lewis, Jessica Reel -- George L. Carter's Clinchfield Railroad: The Construction of a Monopoly in the Appalachian Mountains ; can copy/publish

Liden, Annie Fain -- The Business of Taking the Egg and Turning it Into the Baby Chick: The Farmer's Federation in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Lindquist, Nathan -- The Reaction of the Charlotte Elite to Growth and City Planning, 1900-1930 ; can copy/publish

Lyon, Virginia -- 'Shikataganai': The Internment of the Japanese and the Effects on the Family ; can copy/publish

McConiga, Jake -- The Sacramento Story: How it Became the Capital of California in 1854 ; cannot copy/publish

McLemore, Cam -- Charleston and the Stono Rebellion of 1739: The Direct Oppression of Colonial Statues from 1690-1739 ; can copy/publish

Michaels, Laurence -- The Tragedy of Modern Education ; can copy/publish

Mitchell, John -- Southern Mythology and Marshal Michel Ney ; can copy/publish

Padgett, Brian -- 'A Traitor That Should Have Been Ousted Earlier?': Tench Coxe and his Land Speculation in Early America ; can copy/publish

Patterson, Jesse -- Soldier for Tradition: Quaker Traditionalist George Keith and the Changed Environment of American Quakerism During the Seventeenth Century ; can copy/publish

Pfeiffer, Henry Allen -- Subduing the Oligarchs: Punishing and Pardoning North Carolina's Greatest Sinners ; can copy/publish

Robinson, Laura -- 'It's Not What God Intended': The Impact of the Human Betterment League of North Carolina's Eugenics Movement ; can copy/ cannot publish

Schleupner, Tony -- The National Woman's Party, 1945-1949 ; can copy/publish

Shuman, Amos -- Feudal State in the 20th Century: Life, Unionization, and Armed Revolt in the Strike on Paint and Cabin Creek, West Virginia, 1912-1913 ; can copy/publish

Skaggs, Cheryl -- Oscar Micheaux - Pragmatic Filmaker ; can copy/publish

Smith, Christopher -- Extending the Progressive Mystique: Look into Greensboro, North Carolina’s Governmental Reaction to Civil Rights Violations ; can copy/ cannot publish [Some sources in paper are restricted. Author will not allow publishing of paper in copyrighted journals]

Sobie, David -- Renewed Vigor: How the Confederate Retaliatory Burning of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Sanctioned the Unleashing of Sherman's Destructive March Through the South ; can copy/publish

Thompson, Natasha -- The 'Giant Drunk' of Boone, North Carolina: A Historical Examination of the Mod-1 Wind Turbine ; can copy/publish

Voit, William -- 'A Great Event, and Even Greater for its Consequences': Re-examining the Metanarrative of the Galileo Affair ; can copy/publish

Wallace, Jenny -- Making Congregation out of Segregation: the African American Culture and Community in Asheville, Early 20th Century ; can copy/publish

Walker, Laura -- North Carolina Folk Pottery: A Look At Its Struggle for Survival in the Early Twentieth Century ; can copy/publish

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Biddix, Tommy  -- African-American Slave Owners ; can copy/publish

Fairbanks, Heidi Rollins -- We Will Not Be Number Two: African-American Women's Struggle for Equality Within the North Carolina Women's  Christian Temperance Union and their Decision to Create Their Own State Union ; can copy/publish

McKinney, Windy A. -- The Use of Arthurian Legend as a Means of Promoting Nationalism in the Medieval Period ;can copy/publish

Shaddix, Julie - Asheville North Carolina, a Place to Call Home: The Suburban Boom and Residential Development in Asheville, 1910-1930 ; can copy/publish

Shelton, Michael - Motivation for Highland Scots' Loyalism in the American Revolution in North Carolina's Cape Fear Valley Region ; can copy/publish

Wells, Katherine -- The Effects of Christians on Cherokee Removal ; can copy/publish

Return to Table of Contents »



Bensyl, Rodney -- Avoiding the Trail of Tears: The Struggle of the Oconaluftee Cherokees to Remain in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Bowser, Sherrie -- Does Prejudice Vanish When Art Steps In?: The Representation of African-American Blues Women in Advertising ; can copy/publish

Cahoon, Bruce W. -- Ecclesiastical Arguments of the Southern Presbyterian Church that Influenced White Racial Attitudes: 1850-1900 ; can copy/publish

Chalfant, Don - On the Threshold of the Space Age: General John Bruce Medaris, Wernher Von Braun and the ABMA 1955-1960 ; can copy/publish

Chester, Kenneth -- Jacques Maritain: Machiavellian Thought and the End of Machiavellianism ; can copy/publish

Currie, Melanie -- Jewish Businessmen and Their Impact on the Development of Asheville Between 1890 and 1930 ;can copy/publish

Davis, Kristi A. -- Disruptive Elements: A Study of Ideological Conflict in the 'Ruskin Cooperative Association' from its Founding until 1899 ; cannot copy/publish

Gann, Carol -- A Contrast of Tennessee Valley Authority Policies in the Norris Dam Tennessee Area and the Fontana Dam North Carolina Area ; cannot copy/publish

Hauser, Victoria -- The 1964 Mississippi Summer Project and the Volunteer Experience ; can copy/publish

Hickman, Emily -- The Mother of Modern China and the Acceptance of Communism ; cannot copy/publish

Kloman, John Keith -- Marketing the Biltmore Estate ; can copy/publish [See also Biltmore Estate VF]

Martin, Hayes C. Jr. -- J. Weldon Weir and Asheville Machine Politics ; can copy/ cannot publish

Maynor, Arnold -- Forty-Seven Years Under the Code: Marvel and the Comics Code ; cannot copy/publish

Miller, Jason -- Labor Relations and Champion Fibre Company ; cannot copy/publish

Randall, Melisa P. -- What Would Jesus Do if He Were to Come to Carolina: The Role of Local Mill Churches in the Marion Textile Strikes of 1929 ; cannot copy/publish

Vogel, Edward R. -- North Carolina's Race to the Clouds and the Evolution of  Motorsports Event: A History of the Chimney Rock Hillclimb 1956 to 1995 ; cannot copy/publish

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Baldwin, Melissa -- Changes in Women's Lives during the Meiji Era ; cannot copy/publish

Bartlinski, Joe -- Impact of Manufacturing on Transylvania County Mid Twentieth Century ; cannot copy/publish

Bauso, Louise -- A Language for a Nation: Risorgimento Intellectuals and the Linguistic Debates ; cannot copy/publish

Becker, Jessica -- Innovative Mobilization: the Grove Park Inn ; cannot copy/publish

Berry, Cathie -- There is Strength in Solidarity: The Struggle of Women Textile Workers in the Strikes of 1929 ; cannotcopy/publish

Brooks, Spence -- 'Much Madness is Divinest Sense': An Examination of the Naylar Scandal of 1656cannot copy/publish

Costant, Miron -- The Change of Portrayal of Women in American Car Advertising from the Late 1980's to the mid-1990's ; cannot copy/publish

Cushman, Robert -- Howard Bement and His Efforts to Save Asheville School ; cannot copy/publish

Ellington, Elizabeth Claire -- Severed Selves: European Medicine and the Fragmentation of Souls and Bodies ; cannotcopy/publish

Ferrell, Jeremy -- A Study of the Confrontation of Cotton Mather and William Fly As an Example of the Puritan Declension Theory ; cannot copy/publish

Franks, Alison -- The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: The War to Promote Peace ; cannotcopy/publish

Graybill, Lara -- The Transformation of Leicester: The Fall of the Farmer ; cannot copy/publish

Hart, Stacy -- Charlotte Young: The Teaching Profession's Offer For Personal Freedom and Independence for Women ; cannot copy/publish

Kelly, Michael -- Shinto and Jihad: A Study of the Development of Holy War in Japan During the Seventh, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries ; cannot copy/publish

Lowery, Denise -- The Waldensians of Valdese ; cannot copy/publish

Maddalena, Daniel -- Integration and the Asheville YWCA ; cannot copy/publish

Sweeney, Tara -- The Fusion of the Fine Arts and the Political Left: The Russian Avant-Garde and Socialist Realist Configurations ; cannot copy/publish

Young, Sarah -- What Sort of Woman is She?': Margaret Thatcher, the Miners' Wives, and the British Coal Strike of 1984-85 cannot copy/publish

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Baggett, Sharon -- 'Molasses Catches More Flies Than Vinegar': Local Press Relationships to the Woman Suffrage Movement in North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Cobb, Charles Casey -- Ecstasies of Grief': Effects of the Chickamuaga Campaign on Confederate Morale ; cannotcopy/publish

Dakoski, John III -- Amelia Earhart: A Philosophy of Equality ; cannot copy/publish

Davis, Rebecca -- A Tree of History: The American Chestnut ; cannot copy/publish

Fox, Cheryl -- Up from Slavery Into Middle Class: E.W. Pearson's Burton Street Community ; can copy/publish

Hood, Charles -- Red Tide: American Troop Perceptions of the NKPA ; cannot copy/publish

Lance, Barry -- Reverend Lucius B. Compton: Economic Survival Through Social Change ; cannot copy/publish

Maness, Jennifer -- Embreeville, TN: A Century of Broken Promises ; cannot copy/publish

McGruder, Melodie -- Never Too Old to Learn the ABC's: The Adult Literacy education Efforts of Mrs. Elizabeth C. Morriss ; cannot copy/publish

Mooney, Keelin -- Rediscovering Never Land: The Story of Turn-of-the Century Tourism in Asheville ; cannotcopy/publish

Moss, Richard -- A Club of One's Own: The Jewish Aid Society of Asheville, 1903-1925 ; cannot copy/publish

Nix, Tonya -- The Breaking of the Color Barrier in Asheville ; can copy/publish

Philbeck, Kimberly -- Shaping Young Girls into Society's Mold: Women Reformers and the Lindley Training School, 1893-1939 ; cannot copy/publish

Presnell, Karen -- Land of the Polluted Sky?cannot copy/publish

Wood, Reed -- Resisting Cultural Occupation: The 1680 Pueblo Revolt and the Maintenance of Native Tradition ;cannot copy/publish

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Bernard, Diane -- The Consolidation of the YWCA-Asheville: The Promotion of Integration and Fiscal Responsibilitycannot copy/publish

Bernard, Jeff -- The Influence of Parks and Schools in the Fight for a Less Urbanized Sylvania, Ohio ; cannotcopy/publish

Buchanan, Kelli -- Buncombe County: Her Sacrifice for Freedom ; cannot copy/publish

Cavanaugh, Heather -- Olive Tilford Dargan: A New View of a New Woman ; can copy/publish

Galloway, Lori -- Photographer R. H. Scadin and the Turn of the Century Boom of Tourism in Western North Carolinacannot copy/publish

Guevara, Aldo G.-- The Official Story: U. S. Diplomacy and the Perpetuation of the Myth of the Communist Conspiracy Following the 1932 Rebellion in El Salvador ; cannot copy/publish

Huskins, Erin -- The Role of Money and Politics in the Trial and Execution of Francis Silver ; cannot copy/publish

Jones, W. Doug -- The Germ of Nineteenth Century Scottish Nationalism: A Perspective on the Highland Clearances (ca. 1760-1886) ; cannot copy/publish

Kelly, Charles W. -- Weaverville College and its Methodist Heritage ; cannot copy/publish

Millin, Eric -- The Meaning of Orthodoxy: Historical Continuity in the Thompson-Glasgow Controversy ; cannotcopy/publish

Mitchell, Robert -- Tobacco's Lost Culture: Post-War Mechanization and Cultural Transformation ; cannot copy/publish

Patterson, Jody -- Fort Pillow and the Joint Committee on the Conduct of War ; cannot copy/publish

Ramsey, Scott -- A History of Nantahala School ; cannot copy/publish

Rice, William -- Down By the River: Development Efforts on the French Broad River in Western North Carolina, Asheville and Beyond ; cannot copy/publish

Schneider, David -- Philemon: An Account of Love between Master and Slave in the Ante-bellum South ; cannotcopy/publish

Spence, Leah -- Charlotte Young: North Carolina's Progressive Educator ; cannot copy/publish

Toms, Louis - The Battle of Asheville: The Federal Expedition into Western North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Wright, Eliviah L. -- Re-Evaluating the Frontier Nursing Service as a Part of the Women's Club Movement ; cannotcopy/publish

Zaval, Tracey -- Lucy Herring: North Carolina's Most (Forgotten) Influential educator of the Twentieth Century ;cannot copy/publish

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Bell, Shawna -- Christ School: The Evolution of a Mountain Mission ; cannot copy/publish

Birchfield, April -- The Tuberculosis Sanatoria of Asheville, North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Calloway, Kevin -- An Unsung Hero: Roy Taylor’s Role in the Battle for the New River ; cannot copy/publish

Cutshaw, Merinda -- Blackwater or Backwater: The Effects of Modernization on an Appalachian Farm Community ;cannot copy/publish

Flizack, Carolyn  -- Murder and Appalachian Ballads: The Peoples Representation of Justice ; cannot copy/publish

Greenawalt, Anne  -- Right Wing Spiritualism: William Dudley Pelley ; cannot copy/publish

Higgins, Amy -- Yancey’s Railroad: The Account of a Community’s Struggle to Preserve Their Railroad ; cannotcopy/publish

Jacobson, Harold  -- James Johnston Pettigrew’s Search For Fame And Glory ; cannot copy/publish

King-Owen, Gregory Scott -- We Think It Good For Us To Adapt Some Rules of Civilization': The Walton War, 1803-1813 ; cannot copy/publish

Lee, Bryan -- The Irony of Desegregation on Eagle and Market Streets ; cannot copy/publish

Messinger, Denise -- In Black and White: Images of African Americans in the Asheville Daily Citizen ; can copy/publish

Noack, Lisa  -- Ambition Over Ideology: Lord Lovat and Jacobite Motivation ; cannot copy/publish

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Ballard, Michael -- Zeb Vance: The Defining Later Years of a Legend ; cannot copy/publish

Battle, Hayden -- Morning Star of Nations: Texas, the U.S. and Mirabeau Lamar in the Annexation Debate of 1835-36cannot copy/publish

Benison, William M. -- Eleanor Roosevelt and the 'New Deal' in Women's Rights ; cannot copy/publish

Crisp, Jeffrey -- The Father of Baseball: Kenesaw Mountain Landis and the 1919 Black Sox Scandal ; cannotcopy/publish

Cunningham, Amy -- The Road to Compliance: Asheville's Reaction to the Brown Decision ; cannot copy/publish

Davis, Keith -- A Mouthpiece for Victory: The Northern News Media during the American Civil War ; cannot copy/publish

Davis, Kevin -- Wartime Benevolence: A Portrait of Northern Philanthropy during the Civil War ; cannot copy/publish

Everhart, Donald -- Partisan Review: Preparing for the Cold War ; cannot copy/publish

Holland, Crystal -- Eleanor Roosevelt, A New Woman of the 1920s ; cannot copy/publish

Hutchinson, James -- Henry Laurens: The Making of a Revolutionary ; cannot copy/publish

Kellion, Kimberly -- The New Deal and North Carolina's Men in Power: The Reaction of North Carolina's Governors to Roosevelt's Depression Policy ; cannot copy/publish

Kohler, Douglas -- Wilderness and American Identity: Writers, Painters, and Poets Help America Find a Common Culture ; cannot copy/publish [shelved in vertical file]

Law, Michelle -- A Gentleman in the County: The Legacy of a Farmer ; cannot copy/publish

McClure, Stephanie -- Their Young Morning: The Children's Aid Society and Young Female Vagrants ; cannotcopy/publish

McGrane, Jennifer -- A Hard Road to Haul: Saluda, North Carolina from 1873 to 1930 and the Importance of the Railroad ; cannot copy/publish

Maynor, Dawn -- The Child Saving Movement in the Progressive Era ; cannot copy/publish

Mitchell, Melissa -- Lovers of Peace and Humanity: Quaker Actions and Social Relief Work in World War I ; cannotcopy/publish

Morrison, Charles -- The Fight for White Southern Methodist Souls: A Study of the Conflict between the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South ; cannot copy/publish

Palmer, Douglas -- Cardinals and Curés: The Paris Clergy and the Fronde ; cannot copy/publish

Petitt, Symantha -- Weaving, Molding and Whittling the Past and Present of Western North Carolina: The Socioeconomic Impact of Handicrafts on Western North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Robinson, Stephanie -- Education in Nazi Germany: The Indoctrination of Supremacy ; cannot copy/publish

Rukeston, Mark -- Indian Policy Under the Lincoln Administration ; cannot copy/publish

Schneider, Matthew -- United We Stand, Divided We Fall ; cannot copy/publish

Walton, Robert -- Lowry Davis: Missionary to China 1910-1941cannot copy/publish

Young, Jason -- Casting a Long Shadow? Thomas Jefferson and the Madison Presidency ; cannot copy/publish

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Arnold, Kendra -- Enforcing White Womanhood ; cannot copy/publish

Brown, Celine -- Blanford Barnard Dougherty: Great Innovator of Watauga County, North Carolina ; cannot copy/publish

Byrd, Travis -- Mt. Kephart and Mt. Chapman: North Carolina, Tennessee, and Hagiography in the Movement to Establish a National Park in the Great Smoky Mountains ; cannot copy/publish

Jump, John -- D. Hiden Ramsey and the North Carolina educational Crisis ; cannot copy/publish

Krishinger, John -- Success in Surgery: Lister, The Lancet Debate, and Modern Historiography ; cannot copy/publish

Leonard, Benjamin -- Confederate Chief, Southern Culture, State Citizenship, and Land Claims: The Role of the Eastern Band of Cherokees in the Confederate Forces as Thomas' Legion ; cannot copy/publish

Paige, Tracy -- Charles Dickens: Angel of the Wretched ; cannot copy/publish

Peek, Jennie -- Beyond Racial Barriers: African-American Participation in the Woman's Christian Temperance Unioncannot copy/publish

Rolfe, Nadeen -- Medical Technology vs. the Midwife: A Study of Women's Health in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries ; cannot copy/publish

Sams, Sue Brendle -- Art History from Cave to Computer ; cannot copy/publish

Wood, Johnnie -- Congressman Robert Lee Doughton and the Blue Ridge Parkway ; cannot copy/publish

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